Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

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What a great "read" this most recent book is from David Levithan: Two Boys Kissing!

I received it just yesterday… and it's already finished.

I've never before read a story told quite like this. First… there are no chapters! Second… it is subtly interwoven with a ghostly running commentary delivered by the collective observers from a now-distant, tragic era of gay history. The main story, however, is far from tragic!

You are assured of finding it exceedingly uplifting… and there is no doubt that you will find in it much that touches very close to home.

I strongly recommend this book to all Oasies™… I guarantee that you'll not be disappointed!

I hope Jeff will soon offer his review of this great book!


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I am continually perplexed by publicists for books like this not even trying to find me to review them, considering the great coverage we've given to Brent Hartinger, Alex Sanchez, Julie Anne Peters, etc. It's like they are unaware of Google...

Had they sent me a review copy timed with publication, good chance I'd've banged it out by now (since YA stuff usually reads quickly).

But since I'm about to go heads down on my novel this week, their window has closed... not reading any new fiction or watching ongoing TV dramas for a few months.

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