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I'm ok.

1)I abruptly removed Tyler from my life once again.
2)I'm coming to terms with the fact that Edwin is moving to California. (Oh, I forgot to write a journal on that....)
3) The guy that I have been talking to (Marksley shall be his name since I gave him that nickname in person anyways) is increasingly growing on me, albeit the fact I've been keeping up my walls with extra guards on duty. It's almost been a month that we have been talking, and still no mess ups or loveless sex, which is a great sign.
4) I am starting to understand more in my classes, so I no longer feel like a complete idiot. lol
5) Hopefully I get to buy my mom's ex's 88' Cadillac El Dorado. If I do, I'm going to renovate the hell out of that puppy and make it the Moe-Mobile. Black with chrome trimmings, and the freaking works.
6) Spring break starts the moment I go home today. Up until Wednesday.

So, yeah. I feel exhausted, mentally, spiritually, and physically. But, I'm ok. Everything is going to be ok.


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Spring break?

Are you in the southern hemisphere?

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I meant fall break. Lol.

a psychotic pencilist, moe