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Slowly descending into insanity
Because I am trying to understand
Saying words I wish I didn't have to say
Which I hoped I could convey anyway

Trying to save you has meant me giving up my virtues so you can flourish
Compromising with your vices
There ought to be some normative morality
I am beginning to lose my conscience
This constant assault on who I am and what is right
Is outright disturbing

Who is the victim
What is the context
Everything is lost amidst the chaos
Frustration festers and its eruption is no catharsis

I am sick of saying sorry when I want things to change
This is not an exaggeration I am honestly so jaded
And everytime the double standard
Insults our empathy and mind

Writing this does not make it better
We will continue sinking
Our thinking folding back on itself
An ethical schizophrenia
Your words are hyperboles
Our feelings based on our common humanity
But we continue to stare through each other
I want to be friends but I no longer know who you are
Unless I forget who I am


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I hope this is not self-referential

But, if it is... it's just possible that you may have been exhibiting a bit too much empathy (didn't think excessive empathy was even a possibility).

At this juncture... maybe a deep breath... reflect... and start anew?

You're worth saving! (Even if your friend may not be...)