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you know, if their is 2 things in gaming i love its looking too deep into games and indie games but lately Torture Platformers are taking a place there, you know Super Meat Boy, Cloudberry Kingdom and I Wanna Be the Guy (despite that i still say that one game is the spawn of all evil) the pain and soul ripping of this genre is just perfect to me on so many levels. the little irony is my favorite characters in SMB are Jill and Commander Video and if you get that you are awesome.

anyway since ive looked far too deep into things i often get asked "hey you what are you citizen kanes of gaming" (a term i hate so much) but id list as Half-Life, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Mother 3 and Shadow of the Colossus for a million and one different reasons but this has been bothering me more and more not a lot of great games are out anymore especially since EA are untranslatable and Creative Assembly have pissed off all their fans for a metacritic score. the Wii U is useless other than a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate delivery system which is also on the 3DS since Monster Hunter 4 is also coming to 3DS.

not a lot of Artsy stuff either like Okami was. the only realease that got my attention was Electronic Super Joy another Indie Torture Platformer. the Metal Gear Franchise has finished up the Solid Snake Saga and Pikmin 3 nor a Legend of Zelda games are coming, the Windwaker Remake doesn't count the GC version is better. X&Y aren't out yet either. no 1.7 update for minecraft yet. so bollocks. just replaying old classics (conkers, great classic) till winter

Also the Killer Instinct Remake sucks