Been awhile....

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and a long week...And I guess I don't give a fuck what I post on here, since the NSA is checking every post and already knows who I am anyway....

So, it has been a long, long week. like next to no sleep long. Thursday through sunday, I was at rock concerts every night after work.

Thursday, a friend's band played the crocodile café in belltown. I Showed up via bike, hung out til the end, caught the late boat home and then road my bike all the way to the house, like 14 miles @ 2:3o am. fun stuff. then I went to work, did it all over again on Friday.

Kyle, the kid who was at my gay friends birthday a few months ago, hit me up and asked me if I wanted to go to a show with him, so I agreed. I was already going to meet my friend nikki there, so I went and met her and kyle. It was a fun show, although gwar is definitely an experience.

We got into the mosh pit pretty early after white chapel, and a kid collapsed in front of us, and as it turned out, he was suffering a seizure. We helped him off the ground, since he literally fell at my feet, and got him out to my friends @ the security office, they called an ambulance, and then we went back to the, I had never seen GWAR, except on viva la bam, but it was pretty AWESOME.

I wouldn't go again, but they definitely had some interesting stage antics. We got directly into the mosh circle pit, and my hat got knocked off. after a while, they executed bieber and the pope on stage, and the blood squiritng we were trying to avoid happened anyway. I was drenched.

Fortunately, nikki had some spare clothes I had brought stashed in her car, and I was able to change before going to grab sushi after the show.

So, I couldn't fit my bike in kyles car, or nikkis, so I headed up to the bar in belltown on my bike. A few of my friends (including Michael, who recently came out to me and other friends as bi on his bday, who knows I am gay) met us there, and we had some bomb sushi....

Michael had met kyle when his boyfriend had come up from Portland a few months ago at my friends' place...apparently jim, michaels bf asked if kyle was bi, and he told them yes....which I doubt....but this whole party thing might have had to do w/ trying to get me, kyle and clayton more comfortable w/ being gay, but ya never know.

Anyway, the whole night, Michael was dropping subtle hints that me and kyle should get together....with Jessica in earshot. So yeah, apparently....mike thought I had told jesse I was gay. HELL NO, I DID NOT!!! Da FUQ!?!?

yeah...fuckn' a...and apparently Jessica told Chelsea, who then told Quinn, who then told....the list goes for about 5 or 6 people now...who should never have known. I guess it just goes to show you can't trust people.

So yeah, although all involved said they wouldn't tell anybody, I have a feeling it has already gotten out around our small town. Was a little pissed at Michael the first night when I got home, couldn't sleep a wink, and got back up for work.

then I moshed my ass off to orange goblin and some shitty local bands and let out some aggression w/ my good friends from local bands and drank some brewskis w/ the bros from Kowalski and orange goblin after the show.

Then sunday night, I went out to a friends monthly kitchen invitational....she made red beans and rice, gumbo, cornbread, etc....mmm, delicious.

after meeting up w/ the always interesting band of characters at marys kitchen, I headed out to the bar to catch yet another awesome local band mos generator...they had a few new songs and a few of my friends in the seattle music scene met us there.

Anyway, it was a LOOOONG, drama filled weekend...sunday, I was up all night still thinking about the outcome of who now knows...I mean, I know there are others who do already, or at least are guessing it, like Jessica was, but still.

so anyway, no sleep, got up to let my neighbors dogs out @ 6 am, then headed out for an amazing illegal ride in the national park w/ some friends. it is one of the fall classics for our area, but surprisingly despite the shut down, there were about a hundred people out there.

hunters and hikers mostly, we were the only bikes out there....but it was good. technical trail riding like I hadn't done in a long time....the first few miles of the 14 mile trail, I was so dead after four nights of next to no sleep, I was suffering. I felt like I was holding the group up....but it was still a fun ride...until the last two miles....all the dead salmon in the river were smelling up the trail, so for the last couple miles, you kind of had to hold your breath...

then we got back to the trucks and had a bbq and a fire. good times.

then the next night, we did it all over again. night riding at the local trails, followed by a bbq at a regular riders' house and a bonfire. it was a lot of fun, and cleared my head from any bad thoughts that were circling around like a tropical storm earlier in the night.

Also, the people who were hosting the bbq knew some more ppl I knew in local bands...small world.

One rider made the comment that he knew it was me coming up in the dark because of the way I walk....apparently, I look behind me about every ten seconds as I am walking....I know I am paranoid, and used to have reason to be, but still....have I really gotten that bad? I didn't even notice until brian mentioned it.

anyway, there are a lot of people who seem to think that kyle and I would make a good couple, but aside from our mutual taste in music, I see no connection there. and he seems to be more straight than gay, even if he is bi-curious.

Michael's bf told me via a message on facebook he thinks we are perfect for each other, and wished us each luck w/ our budding romance and, what? seriously jim?

but yeah, been an interesting week for sure.


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I would honestly never think twice about telling someone that someone else in their 20s was gay. There's really no reason for it to be a secret at this point. Once high school was over, I'd figure that promise timed out. ;-)

You don't have to make wedding plans with a bi-curious guy you don't know well. Date him, chat, become friends, mess around... figure it out through experience with him rather than just thinking about it without him.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles