Came out to my mom

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The conversation lasted about 5 minutes, I think. Maybe less.

Me: I want to tell you something.

Mom: What did you do?
(she said it in this kind of accusatory tone, which I don't understand because I literally never get into trouble, except for a couple of computer viruses a while ago and being behind on my schoolwork.)

Me: No, it's not like that. I want to be honest with you out of respect.

Mom: Oh, okay.
(she had this really amused tone like this was going to be a joke.)

Me: I'm bisexual.

Mom: Seriously?

Me: Yeah.

Mom: Alright. What works for you, works for me.

Me: Okay then...glad we had this chat.

Mom: ...but I still want grandchildren.

So, yeah, that's it. This is pretty much my mom to a T, supportive no matter what, but not really emotional. I'm happy :)


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Do you have siblings? Or are you the only shot at grandchildren?

Congrats on coming out, glad it went well!

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Congratulations! That went pretty smoothly, I'd say.

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that went rather well

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better out, than in. :D

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