Coincidences And Superstitions

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There was a dream I had about one year ago, perhaps more fitting, a nightmare. This horrible conjuring had never occurred since then, one year ago. It was enough to frighten me, but at the same time enough to let me forget it and move on, to move on in my dreams and adventures in slumber. Only to have it occur once more.

The first dream one year prior was an awful dream which I thought I had forgotten, it is still vivid to this day. It's etched into my brain, a horrid memory, a testament to the human mind's strange creativity. In the dream I am in this strange place, akin to an apartment complex or court. I walk about mostly looking for people.

Everything is serene and devoid of life aside from my own. This wasn't troubling, I often have dreams in which I am alone and enjoying whatever adventure I've decided on. But something happened, I stepped on gum on a sidewalk. I continued walking. And then I noticed a stabbing sensation in my foot. My shoes had disappeared.

There was a bloody syringe sticking in the sole of my foot. Upon trying to dislodge it, my other foot stepped into a pile of hypodermics and syringes that appeared instantaneously. There I was, stranded with needles of all types littering the ground and then I awoke. I was breathing heavily, in the soon-to-be-morning.

I define that as the time right before sunrise. The time in which that dream occurred I received the news that my sister and her children were going to live with us for a little while, turned out to be short, 2 months. Now I wonder.

The second dream occurred two nights ago. It was short. I was picking up little candies I'd dropped on the floor. I used my shirt to collect the candies like a maskeshift pouch, like a kangaroo if you will. Then a stabbing sensation in my bladder. A large hypodermic was sticking me directly in the lower abdomen.

Fully stuck in, I pulled it out with blood and agony. The rest of the candies were needles of all types. I dropped them on the ground, again my shoes somehow disappeared. My feet were then subjected to a dart-like attack by the needles. I then awoke, and realized something. The last time this happened was one year ago.

And maybe this was a precursor to something that I didn't like would happen. I'm not superstitious type, a moderate religious gay man. I have no idea what it even means. Maybe I'm looking to far deep into the many spectrums of dream interpretation.

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Don't know what to tell you, there, sorry. Dreams are mysterious....

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yeah you're certainly right! They always seem to leave us with more questions than answers (if there were any in the first place).