Dream Journal #11

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I dreamt that I was in (my subconscious version of) India, and went on a boat ride down a southbound river. I don't know what river it was, but it was bordered by vast, lush grasslands with tropical trees and occasional tributaries. There were elephants, and the grass was greener than anything I'd seen before. The sky and water were incredibly blue, making the whole scene unbelievably vibrant and saturated with light. There were small hills on the West border of the river that partially obscured some of the area to our right during that portion of the ride. I somehow got off the boat after a bit and started running on the water, despite my fear of deep water (I wasn't afraid until a bit later). I ran ahead of the boat and past the mouth of the river, getting a full view of the entire landscape. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.

Later I was getting off the boat in one of those aisles like what you see at the entrances to the metro. Then I somehow ended up hiding from someone in the bathroom of a small, dirty convenience store. That part's all pretty blurry.


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Except for the coda...

this one sounds quite idyllic: could be made into a travelogue.

But... that ending! Any idea why you were hiding?

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Nope. I have no idea.

I forgot to mention that I met some German tourists while leaving the boat, and they were boarding.

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May be a connection here...

When you first appeared here as socialist (seems like a long time ago)... didn't you mention that you had lived in Germany for a while... and that you continue to retain a certain facility in the language? That experience may comprise a part of this odd fragment...

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Yeah, I was born in Germany and my mother is German.

I think I was speaking German with them in the dream, but I don't remember.