Dream Journal #8

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This dream took place during a nap I had earlier.

Television was down. My mother was going to the local satellite headquarters to discuss solving the problem, and I was joining her to provide company at the boring satellite building. When we left the house, it was raining, but it was very sunny out despite the weather. The rain was very clear and soft, but was flooding the world.

The outdoors looked different from how it normally does. The neighborhood had no other houses, and instead looked like the playground from the central area of it. There were staircases made from colorfully painted pipes leading up concrete walls to various platforms of brown, grassy ground. There were no roads or sidewalks, but everybody was walking around instead, or playing on the jungle gyms not even minding the rain.

We kept ascending and descending the platforms, trying desperately to make it to this vast, empty field of short, brown grass, with a single antenna tower surrounded by a fence, with a small, single-story building next to it, forests very far in the distance on all sides but the one opposite the direction the building was facing. It looked like the electric company building next to my neighborhood. I had a memory of waiting for a very long time in a small, old car with my family while my mother went into the building for the same reason, but long ago. I feel like that was a dream I've had before. I was focusing on this memory throughout the dream.

Very clean water started flooding the lower platforms, ironically reflecting the brilliant sunlight, looking very beautiful as it destroyed the world. My mother only sped up, and I followed. Eventually only the upper platforms were above water, and they were beginning to become covered as well. The clouds were bright and beautiful in the sky.

At one point the only way to go in order to reach our destination was down, beneath the water. My mother swam down, through a spiral-shaped playground pole, into the depths. That's all I remember of the dream.


I have received my digipak copy of R Plus Seven and I fucking love it. Oneohtrix Point Never is a new favorite.


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Recalling a prior dream...

That's very likely... at least, that's something I experience... but the separation between related dreams may be months, or even years!

Can't you find elements in this dream that might "hook" it to anything you've experienced recently?

Rain and sunshine: An intriguing contradiction...

btw... I'm quite impressed with your exposition!

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Absolutely none.

Nothing remotely relevant to this has happened to me recently. I think my brain's just doing random shit. Dreaming is caused by DMT being secreted from the Pineal gland in the brain, so dreams are basically just crazy DMT trips. So are near-death experiences.

The flooding in the sunshine was absolutely beautiful, but it was very deadly.

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I don't think...

your brain is any different from anyone else's. We agree that much of what your brain creates in a dream seems irrational, but the fundamental elements that build up a dream event had to have already been stored in memory... and those elements almost certainly must have originated from real experiences.

What remains to be discovered is the nature of those "elements."

Anyway... one's dreams are interesting! I think they are very likely amenable to analysis, but other than for the dreams of a truly "disturbed" individual, I suspect an explanation of a particular dream's provenance will prove to be nothing more than the product of an interesting academic search (sufficient justification, however, to continue the hunt). :)