Dream Journal #9

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Last night's dream was pretty confusing. I dreamt that I was best friends with this guy from one of my classes. But I don't even know the guy. I've never even spoken to him, and never really cared much about him, but we just randomly became very good friends in the dream. I know some people on here might jump to conclusions, so I promise it wasn't like gay or anything, it was just an entirely platonic friendship. I don't know why.

I also remember a dream about going to an ice cream store with my family. I think my relatives in West Virginia were there. We walked to this plaza place through a park at night. The interior of the shop looked very industrial, but it was filled with colorful advertisements, reminiscent of the predicted future in Idiocracy. The employees were behind thick glass, and the line was long and closely organized. The ice cream shop was in a room coming off from a small main building, and the entire line was adjacent to a narrow, dirty window giving a view of the entire interior of the shop, which had floor and walls made of cement. The window was connected to the one that the servers were behind, with a bright, lit up menu above the entire window. The servers were placed by the corner of the room, right next to the exit. The room was shaped sort of like a rhombus, with one thin corner at the main building, and the opposite one cut short. I got a strawberry milkshake. We left from the same direction, over a small knoll. I think I remember unintentionally stepping on a ton of bugs or something when we got onto a stone path.

I don't remember when I had that second dream, but I felt that I had to record it.


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Just wondering...

You haven't mentioned Brad in the longest time... :(

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No, I have not.

I don't like him any more. At all. I have no more desire to associate with him at all. Actually, I'd rather not speak to him.

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Sorry to hear this...

I hope you don't remain in this state for long...

I don't like to see or hear of anyone hurting...

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I don't mind the current state of things.

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The present...

is fleeting... and it evolves! Navigate your own destiny... being very aware there are many forces that would have you travel a different route... to their advantage, not yours!

Too cryptic? Hope not. :)