Far Ahead Lies A Someday

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Sometimes far ahead I think,
things will slow and my height will shrink,
when thick lenses weigh down on my nose,
and I'll look at old photos of people in a state of repose.

Some of my friends might not be there,
some of my friends will be there beside me,
memories may be a bit hard to recall,
but some may be vivid overall.

A time when a walk up stairs is a battle,
when my hands will be arthretic and fragile,
when I look in the mirror and see a figure,
a man who'd lived life and was slightly in disfigure.

My parents, I'll realize were appreciating,
every moment I spent with them rejoicing,
crying, laughing, and everything inbetween,
the love and togetherness, a running theme.

In the near end, I'll know that nothing is in vain,
and the friends once all I could name,
maybe they will still be with me in the final day,
because far ahead lies a someday.

Someday we'll look back on our lives,
we may remember regrets,
but we also frolic in the memories of the good,
and the memories that shaped us in personhood.

* * *

This was just a little sketch of things I was thinking about. The idea of growing old and imagining what life would be like is always a good excersize of creativity and I hope you might think so too.

- L. Wolf