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Hi, I'm Ali. I think I might be gay or bisexual. I have absolutely no clue. I've kinda wondered since I was 10, but I mostly just pushed it to the back of my mind. I'm thirteen now, and I think I might have a crush on a girl. If you'd asked me a week ago if I was straight, I probably would have said yes right away, but now i'm really confused about it. I'm half Indian and half American, and was brought up in America. I live in a really accepting neighborhood, but my mom is totally homophobic. I love to write and want to that for a living someday. If I can't do that, I'd like to study physics. My little sister has a serious mental disability, which makes my family life insane, especially since I'm really good at academic stuff. So...yeah. That's me.


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Welcome to Oasis! Glad you found us here...

A good question to ponder is how many heterosexual kids wonder if they are gay for three years? ;-)

As for your Mom, sounds like you have time before you need to be telling her yet. Work on accepting yourself, getting comfortable with being gay/bi, find some supportive friends, write on here, and you'll be fine...

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Welcome to Oasis...

Hope you find what you are looking for here. As far as your passion for writing, that is awesome. I hope you pursue it. I used to write songs and short stories all the time, and since my concussions and dropping out of school haven't done much. I kind of miss it.

Anyway, welcome.

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It's an awesome little community here, and I (especially) love new people. :D Don't worry, we don't bite or judge.

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