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I have to write about something that's a big part of me, well at least my gayness, but I really don't get it. Maybe some of you can help?

I have a gear fetish. I get hard looking (and thinking) about guys in jockstraps-especially with cups-and sports uniforms. And if I can see their underarms...damn that makes me superhard! When that happens, as much as I don't want it to it makes me feel like a freak.

Of The Rejects I'm the smallest and the oldest, and believe me size MATTERS. I'm barely five foot tall, and guys my age don't want to play sports with me anymore because I'm a little kid to them. It's tough, because I've been into sports my whole life and now the only thing I can do is cross country and track. At least there something I can participate in! I used to play spring and fall baseball, but now "I need to grow some" before I tryout again. The day I was told that by a baseball manager I ended up crying myself to sleep.

My body is at Tanner Stage 1, and damn it sucks to even think about that. I really don't know how the Mohel managed to give me a Bris because there's not much there to work with. I don't think condoms come in my size either. Even Drew's stuff is bigger!

I think the first time I noticed gear was when I was in the locker room after last period gym changing and a older football player came and in stripped in front of me, and when I saw him in his cup my heart started beating so hard I thought I was going to die. He was so close to me that I could smell him and when he left to go pee I snatched his undies and hid them in my backpack. At home I thought about what I saw and after a lot of debating sniffed his undies and I got that funny rapid heart beating again and touched myself. The sensation I got was so strong that I fell asleep and was woken up by my worried Mom. I remember her telling me I needed to go to bed earlier!!!!

I have a small collection of pics of guys my age in gear (no porn) and the other Rejects have even let me take pics of them in gear too, for...well... inspiration. (Dante looks so damn hot in a wrestling singlet, and Drew in a basketball uniform...real inspiration there!). I've been able to talk to them about how I feel, and we really don't keep secrets from each other. I'm sure some of you are wondering if we "do" anything, and yeah we do. That's how much we trust each other. it's not like I have many people interested in a "little boy" like me.

Do anyone else have this issue, and if you do, how do you cope?



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I have a large collection myself....

SO, don't feel bad about it. Human nature is human nature. What exactly do you mean by "cope"?

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Hi, Noah! I think what

Hi, Noah! I think what you're dealing with is normal, you're starting to have gay feelings and what catches your eye is seeing guys showing more skin and other parts than you'd see otherwise, like in your classroom. Lots of guys have the same interest, and even when I see a cute guy in the tight Under Armour gear I pay attention too!

I have a close hetero friend who's only attracted to a woman when she has her hair tied back, he doesn't understand it but that's his thing. So far his girlsfriend's have been accepting of that.

Smelling a another guys undies? Straight guys do that with girls too, their (private) scent can be a turn on and stimulating too. I've sniffed all of my friends undies at one point, and it's not that weird. Swiping them wasn't a good thing to do, but I'm sure you just got caught up in the moment.

There's lots of guys still at Tanner stage 1 at your age, and everyone will develop at the time their body makes it happen. When you see your doctor make sure you bring up any concerns you have about your body, and you can ask your Mom to leave if it makes you more comfortable. Males are notorious for not bringing up concerns when they're with the doctor, so go ahead any ask what you want!

My body stopped growth between Tanner stages 3 and 4, and if I had asked my doctor about it things may be different for me now?

I hope you and your friends will keep writing on here, your stories are interesting and I think it's the first time a group of friends have co-authored journals on here. I'm eagerly anticipating where you all will go next on here!


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My guess....

You sorted out you were gay by seeing guys changing in locker rooms, so it easily transferred over into what trips your wires sexually. Not much to sort out there.

If you're under 18, it is still best to seek gearshots featuring young-looking 18+ guys, since the law doesn't see any difference between child pornography if you are the same age as the person in the photos. If you sleep with someone your age, you're fine. Take a naked picture of them, and it's illegal because they're under 18. Just something to consider. There are certainly enough young-looking models out there. You'll sort it out.

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Jeff is right. As always.

I can say that I sympathize with you, as well. When I thought I was a gay man, I discovered my love of male genitalia via the locker room (although there were plenty of less-attractive sights in there, too), and for ages I was engrossed by similar things as yourself.

As for 'little boys', taking that as either short or small, there are people who like that. In fact, there are people (like myself) who don't really care about size or shape in general, because for us sex brings primarily emotional and mental pleasure as opposed to physical. The physical is also a bonus.

And even then, you should keep in mind that if it exists, someone has probably fetishized it (for better or for worse). I've seen some weird shit out there (having been with a lot of folks and being willing to do nearly anything, I think I may have seen MOST of the weird shit out there), and being 'little' is certainly the least interesting and not rare at all.

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