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It was quiet this weekend because pretty much everyone who lives in the northeast went home for the Columbus Day break. And even though my roommate is from California and therefore couldn't go home, she wasn't here for a while because she went on a little day trip all day Saturday. So I got to do whatever I wanted. I did some exploring on Saturday. Walked around the city a bit. (Well, until it started sprinkling and raining.) That was refreshing. I really like the fact that I can just walk around and look at things now, if that makes any sense. There wasn't anywhere to walk or anything nice to look at in my hometown. Oh, and that girl I accidentally upset is talking to me again, so that's a good thing. I feel really relieved about that because I can't stand it when people are mad at me. It always makes me feel like the world's biggest asshole. And now I don't feel like I should hide from my neighbors anymore like I've been doing for the past week. Very, very relieved.

My conversation with Cute Blonde Girl this morning took an interesting turn. I was telling her about some of my friends, and I mentioned how I have this one friend from high school who is talking to me again after ignoring me for a while. But literally all that friend cares about now is nerdy guys. (Yes, this specifically. They can only be nerdy guys. No other kinds. I guess it's kind of like me with blonde girls.) My friend is completely 110% boy-crazy all of a sudden, after not caring at all in high school, and she has to turn every single conversation we have into a discussion about this topic, sometimes very, VERY explicitly. It gets annoying sometimes. I told Cute Blonde Girl about it, and I said, "I just wish my friend would stop talking about guys literally every single time I try to talk to her about anything because I am so not interested in this topic AT ALL." She seemed disgusted by the idea of my friend's behavior and agreed with me. In retrospect, I am pretty sure that Cute Blonde Girl basically agreed that the topic of guys is not interesting. Hmm.

She doesn't do Halloween because the decorations and costumes are "too scary." But she asked me what my plans for Halloween are, and I don't really have any yet, but by asking, she seemed to imply that I should, so now I'm desperate to find something interesting to do so I can have a cool story to tell her. I still have a couple of weeks, but I'm starting to stress! She likes all other holidays except Halloween, though, especially Christmas. She's SO excited for Christmas already, and it's only October. God, she's the cutest. And ugh, I did the excessive laughter thing in front of her today. I can't believe I've gone this long without it happening. In high school, it was always a running joke that I laugh at EVERYTHING (and sometimes occasionally even nothing). I just can't help it. Today I started laughing at nothing, and she was so confused, and I had to explain my weird little quirk. Mildly embarrassing.

And she loves animals. There is literally nothing cuter than when a girl loves animals. I showed her pictures of my baby kittens (who aren't babies anymore, and I'm sad because at this rate, they're gonna be all grown up before I see them again!) and she loved them. So now I'm going to need my mom to send me a whole lot more pictures of them. And she understands that they are my "babies" because her cats are also her "babies." And she was talking about how much she loves husky dogs, so I showed her a picture of my friend's husky puppies from this summer, and she totally freaked out over them. Probably going to ask my friend if she's got any more pictures of those, but it's doubtful because she was selling them... Worth a try, though. If Cute Blonde Girl wants to see pictures of puppies, then she is going to see pictures of puppies, dammit.

But I'm kinda sad because the first weekend of November, she said she's going on a weekend trip, so I won't be able to hang out with her then. I shouldn't be sad already, but I can't help it!

We have a test coming up this week, and she wants to get dinner together and then study. I suggested studying together, and then she was like, "Let's get dinner together first." I said yes, of course. I'm very interested in finding out what exactly it is that she eats because she hates every food I can think of off the top of my head. Today she was going through the list of common foods that everyone seems to like except her. It was kind of funny, but it's really good to know I'll never have to share my precious mac and cheese with her! (Although, honestly, I totally would if she liked it. But I'd never, ever share it with anyone else, though. Mac and cheese is extremely serious business to Super Ducks.)

Oh, and she was listing all these places I haven't been to yet and said she might go to one next weekend, and that if she does, then I'm invited.


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Hey Duck,

Yeah, there's plenty to see in Boston. Whether it's the architecture, history or shopping, you pretty much have all those within easy reach. A short trolley trip(10 minutes, give or take) and there's even more to see downtown. Oh yeah, if you're into music, Allston-Brighton is like the music mecca of Boston and is only a 10 minute walk(for me) or a short trolley ride.
Remember how you said you couldn't slip into conversation, the fact that you like girls? Well, talking about your annoying friend back home was the perfect set-up. You kind of opened that door and frankly her reaction was pretty positive, so good for you.
With Halloween, i've always found it enjoyable, especially the parties, but with costumes, sometimes simple one's are better and cheaper. There's a clothing store over in Cambridge( It's called The Garment District) where you can buy clothing for a dollar a pound. It's located on Broadway and is just a short walk from the Kendall Sq. T stop on the Red line. Not only can you get cheap clothing, but you can piece together a costume from what you find there.

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I'll definitely have to

I'll definitely have to remember that!! I haven't quite done all the exploring I've wanted to yet. I still have a LOT left of the city to see!

Cheap and simple is definitely the best, haha. Last year my Halloween costume cost $5. I was a cat. I wore a black shirt I already had, a black skirt I already had, and bought a pair of cat ears.

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You've got a pretty mad crush if one of the revelations is that you showed her a picture of baby kittens and she loved them. That's not some wildly specific thing... that's pretty de rigueur. ;-)

Anyway, we'll stick with the Violent Femmes tonight (despite my just returning from a Nine Inch Nails concert...

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congrats...glad you got something seems like she is definitely interested in you...the lets get dinner thing kinda hinted at it, but who knows. I hope it's the beginning of something awesome for you, duck!

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i am freaking interested in how this whole love story is going to pan out. Like seriously, I read your posts like they are chapters to a book. I must know what happens!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best romance story I have ever ever read.

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Thanks for your continued interest in my saga, everyone!!

I'm back from our study session/dinner thing. We didn't really get a lot of studying done, to be honest. But we did get SOME studying done, so that was good. She laughed at all my stupid stories. ("Everyone in Mississippi seems really weird, but thankfully you're not that weird!") And then I was saying how I'll need to lock myself up and not talk to any of my floormates/friends/whatever if I want to get any studying done, and she was like, "No, that's a bad idea, socialize with them and don't worry about it!" and then without thinking I said that they were all alright but "I kinda like you better than all my other friends, though." And she got kinda quiet and then she smiled and giggled a little and said, "Awww, thanks!! I think that's ummm quite a compliment." I think it might have surprised her a bit, I didn't really mean to say that but it slipped out.

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The real question...

... will we get as much detail about the sex? That is often the dilemma, we'll get four paragraphs describing a text exchange in the early days, then as soon as labias fly free, detail dissipates...

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Oh my god!!

I can't even imagine myself getting that far! I barely even have any idea what's going on now! But I'm editing my post here because I don't know if I'd feel comfortable going into lots of detail about that if it happened.

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That's OK. Just pm me. ;-)

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