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So, I have a presentation later today. It's my first one, so I'm a little nervous, especially because I have to start off. (I picked being the person who starts off, though, because it gave me the easiest portion of the information. I think it was a fair trade.) We had to do a practice-run in front of the TA last night, and that went pretty well, I think. She actually said I did a really good job, except I'm not quite loud enough. I have a really quiet voice. In high school, we had to take a speech class, and I'd always get B's even though the content of my speeches was admittedly better than almost everyone else's because I just couldn't make my voice loud enough. The TA said I was the most prepared person of my group, though, so that was good. I like my group members, even though there's one guy who doesn't really do enough. But the best part of all is that we have to dress up in professional clothes, and since the class my presentation is for is right after my class with Cute Blonde Girl, I have to wear my professional clothes when I see her. And she says she loves seeing people all dressed up.

I joined two clubs recently as well. They're based on my two most unproductive (but favorite) hobbies, playing video games and watching movies. I was very pleased with the video game people because in the past, my experiences with video game people have been very hit-or-miss, so I was nervous, but they were all really nice. (There's one Gamestop near my hometown that I'm still scared to shop at, after almost 4 years, because the cashier, who probably doesn't even work there anymore, made a sexist comment to me when I was 15, and I was too embarrassed to say anything back.) I will meet the movie people tonight. So, yeah, I'll be making some new friends soon. That's good because the only people I really know right now are my floormates, the people in the presentation group I mentioned earlier, and Cute Blonde Girl.

Oh, and I failed a test. Not for my major or anything, but still. I felt really shitty about it, even though the class average was super low, so I was by FAR not alone. There were questions that at least my entire discussion section missed. I'm really pissed because I knew most of that information, but I guess I just didn't present it the way the TA wanted. He said he looked for "keywords" and if you included the keywords, you got credit, and if you didn't, then apparently you were just shit outta luck, even if you completely explained whatever the thing was. And for some reason, only the really detailed questions DIDN'T give partial credit. I don't get that at all, but whatever, I guess.

So, I know what you're all REALLY interested in. The latest installment of the Cute Blonde Girl saga.

Sunday morning started out like any other. I woke up early and headed down to Starbucks. But she wasn't there. She's always miraculously there before me despite living WAY farther away, so that had me worried a bit. I got a coffee and waited for her, but she never showed up or responded to my text, so I just left after I finished my coffee. Feeling confused and a bit upset, I decided to go take a shower so I could angst in peace since my roommate was still asleep. I figured that Cute Blonde Girl had finally decided she didn't like me anymore. But then I started to think, Starbucks is her morning routine anyway. She always goes, regardless of whether or not I'm gonna be there. And she has such a long walk, and not many people seem to be out early on Sunday mornings. Something bad could have happened. So I got really worried. When I got out of the shower, I checked Facebook, and there was a message from Cute Blonde Girl apologizing profusely and saying she overslept and couldn't find her phone to tell me. Crisis averted. I told her that it was okay and that I was glad she let me know because I'd gotten a bit worried about her. She said, "Oh that's so sweet!" and then said she wanted to make it up to me, so we decided to meet up before our morning classes on Monday. (So she thinks I'm sweet. Cool. Very cool.)

For once, I actually didn't dread Monday morning. (Monday mornings are horrible for me. They always start out with a long lecture in the hottest, stuffiest room imaginable!) We just talked about random stuff, like usual. She's very excited for Christmas already, even though it's only October. It's her favorite holiday, and she gets VERY into it. Like, she even unironically wears Christmas sweaters and told me to be prepared because I'm going to be seeing a lot of them. (I see a Christmas movie marathon in our future. I feel like she'd absolutely go for it if I invited her to come watch Christmas movies. Except she hates the best one, so we can't watch that. I'll have to let her pick the movies. Maybe wait until after she brings out the sweaters, though. It's not even Halloween yet, haha.) She's a self-proclaimed Starbucks addict. And she was completely horrified when I said that there is no Starbucks anywhere near my hometown. She said she ONLY drinks Starbucks, and I asked why she's never at least even tried any other coffee. (Dunkin' Donuts is a lot cheaper!) She said that she can never drink Dunkin' Donuts, only Starbucks, because she's from Washington state. She said that if I ever need coffee and I'm not here in Boston then I should just come to Seattle because there are apparently many Starbucks. (What is the plural of Starbucks? Starbuckses?)

But I say dumb stuff to Cute Blonde Girl every time I talk to her. She's gotta think I'm the world's biggest airhead by now! But she just... accepts it? I said my most airheaded thing yet, though. Ugh. At least it won't be able to get any worse than that. Here's the condensed version of the dumbest thing I've ever said. Basically, she always asks what I did over the weekend, and I never have a terribly interesting answer because I've become pretty fucking boring ever since the weekend my whole floor got in trouble. (Hey, I'm here on a massive scholarship! I can't fuck up anymore.) But she's gotten tired of me always saying, "nothing much." She doesn't like that answer anymore. So I told her about the errands I intended to run this past weekend but was too lazy to, so she at least wouldn't think I was unproductive. But not everything added up perfectly. Oooops. When she questioned me, I just said I wasn't fully awake yet so I couldn't think clearly and also I don't really know how to describe where everything is yet, and she eventually let it go because, after all, it wasn't even 9 a.m. yet and I haven't lived here very long. But god, I'm the dumbest! Why did I do that? I can't even rationalize it! Next time I'll just come clean and admit I'm super boring and lazy. I think she could most likely tell that was exactly what was going on, though... Dammit!

It honestly feels like she has me all figured out already. But the crazy thing is, she doesn't think I'm too weird or anything. And she wasn't even mad at the dumb thing I did either. I will never make up dumb stuff again in order to not seem lazy or boring because not only does it backfire embarrassingly but also for some reason she actually likes me just the way I am. This has finally started to become cemented in my brain. She does not secretly hate me. At the very least, she wants to be friends.

I'll also never, ever, EVER forget what she said to me right before I had to go to class. Jesus Christ. I said, "I don't want to go to my class this morning. It's always way too hot in there," and she said that there's a building she has a class in that's always ridiculously hot. Her exact words? "It's just always so hot in there. Like, I just want to take all my clothes off."

...Oh. Oh, okay then.

(50 points to me for not choking on my coffee when she said that.)


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Maybe some clown turned the thermostat up high just to make people uncomfortable while in class, otherwise it's simply a lack of air flow. I can almost see your reaction to what she said and I'm surprised you didn't spit your coffee out! I think it's pretty obvious you've found at the very least a good friend in 'Cute Blonde Girl'.
To increase your volume while speaking out loud, it's akin to singing from your diaphragm. It should come from your stomach. A little practice with that can easily increase your volume. If you search 'Speaking from your diaphragm' you can probably find a detailed explanation of how to accomplish that.

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It's always like that,

It's always like that, though. Every single time. Unfortunately I believe it's intentional. The fact that there's like 300 people in that class probably doesn't help much either. And, um, yeah, let's just say that I didn't get a lot accomplished in class that day and not just because it was too hot in there. Hahaha. And thanks, that tip will definitely come in handy in the future, as I'll have MANY more presentations over the next four years. (Today went pretty well, though! And plus, Cute Blonde Girl said I looked really nice. Then she looked down at her own outfit and said, "I umm, don't really, haha," and then I said, "Well, I think you do," and she just smiled.)

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That's a pretty large class, it's no wonder it gets so damn hot! You earned big brownie points for that comment, I'm sure.