"Sometimes... dead is Better" (Quote from the movie 'Pet Cemetery')

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Yeah, I had to put my cat down last night. I knew her health was failing, but it didn't make the decision any easier. We had named her Josie( actually, my sister named her) and I was just a year old when my mother brought her home. Josie was double-pawed which is why my mother chose her from a litter of six kittens. She was a great cat, extremely proficient hunter, and of course, she was lovable.
I was a pillar of strength until the vet administered the final shot and I kissed her goodbye. Prior to that, my Vet, who is a tiny little lady, but she's the most compassionate and caring Vet I've ever dealt with, chose to give her a sedative before giving her the kill-shot. I cried like a bitch! Anyway, the Animal Clinic is holding her body for me, until Saturday, I'll pick her up and bring her back to my house for burial. I still have to figure out where I want to bury her. Most likely, it'll be near my shed(she used to go underneath it when it would rain) or I might put her under a stone retaining wall I'm planning to build, where her favorite hangout was.(There used to be Forsythia bushes there and that's usually where she would get birds)
She lived a very long life, 21 years, and she had an acre of land to call her own. Unfortunately, two years ago she started dropping weight and I just figured it was old age. I brought her to the vet a couple of months ago and after $300-400 worth of testing determined her kidney's were failing. We put her on a low-protein food and some meds, but when I saw her stumbling around a couple of days ago, I knew it was time. Even my dog(Ember) knew something was wrong with her. She'll be missed.

Yesterday, before leaving for work, I watched a news report regarding this dog, Known as 'Puppy Doe', who suffered unspeakable cruelty at the hands of some sick fuck. They caught the POS who actually owned the dog.
It was a Polish immigrant(Illegal) who neglected to renew his paperwork.
The dog was found down the street from where this guy lived, near a hospital(human). I believe it made national headlines, but not real sure about that, due to the nature of the cruelty this fuck committed on what would have been a very beautiful Staffordshire Terrier. I was horrified, particularly because the dog closely resembles my 'Ember'. Look no further than my icon to get an idea of what she looks like. The only difference is Puppy Doe didn't have the Brindle(Multi-colors) on her face. I can only hope they send him to prison here in Mass. and her death will not be in vain!


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I'm so sorry...

I dearly wish there would be more that I could say to ease your loss!

But 21 years... and your companion for most of your years! I think that must be a record...

Again... my condolences...

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Thanks Elph,

I appreciate the sentiment. Yeah, I still have my dog and she turned 10 in July, but she's very healthy, so I know I have her for a few more years at least.

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Sorry, babe... my brother just had to put his dog down last week, and my niece and nephew are still dealing with it, since the dog was always around since they were born...

But wow, 21 years, that's half of your life!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I'm so sorry to hear that. I

I'm so sorry to hear that. I lost my cat this summer and I don't remember the last time I cried that hard. But holy shit did she have a long life. Not many cats live that long, so she had a good, long life for sure.

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Sorry for your loss!

I lost a kitty too this year, but he was only six. I think maybe something or someone in my neighborhood was getting cats because shortly after he disappeared, another cat had babies on my porch and never came back.

I heard about the Puppy Doe thing too. That happened pretty close to here, didn't it? Ugh, people are the worst.

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'Puppy Doe' was found down in Quincy, which is about a 20 minute drive from B.U. Her injuries were so extensive, they had to put her down. It's a testament to the breed, the fact she was able to survive and get away from that skengada, proves how resilient and strong Staffordshire's are.
And, thanks Duck, You too Radiosilence!