Resources for lesbian teen

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Happy Friday to all.

I'm a mom of a lesbian 12 yr old and am desperately trying to find how I can involve my daughter in LGBT groups in addition to YouthFirst in the Southwest region of Ohio.
I have been brainstorming and messaging many local websites as I am noticing frustration as she is the only person who has officially come out in the 7th grade.
Just looking for a peer group she can identify with...any suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks- Sharon

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Welcome to Oasis...

If you have one LGBT youth group near you, you're already ahead of many areas. PFLAG is another group that is supportive of youth, as well as parents, so you can see if they have a local chapter.

And, of course, if your daughter's school has a GSA, that also might be worthwhile. If she's out in 7th Grade, she may very well be the person who starts the GSA, at which point GLSEN will have helpful resources for her (

There are many online sites for support, like this one, for her. Plus Facebook groups that are regional like that might be worth checking out.

Although being out in the 7th Grade with a supportive mom sounds like a pretty good start!

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