Rewrites And Time Management

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Right now the other Rejects and I are working on some new journals, and rewriting some of the ones we had wanted to post because we felt that we could do better. We're nerds and we want what we write to be great, and most of us have the perfection gene ; )

It's also hard to write stuff when you're buried in homework and some of the other things we do, but we'll make it happen.

We really want to thank everyone for the comments they've given us, it feels great to be a part of Oasis!!!!!!


Dante, along with Drew, Noah, and Aaron


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Learning how to wisely

Learning how to wisely manage your time will help you in all stages of life, not just now. I'm sure your schedules are hectic but learning how to budget time now will make the move into high school later much easier.

Don't worry about how often you write on here, quality over quantity is almost always better.