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Mmm things have been a bit of a downer recently. Slightly.
As most of you probably know, I got a job shaking signs at Value Village, hooray, I'm optimistic about the chances of it turning into a more permanent position.
I don't remember if I mentioned it here, but heading to work involves going through a bit of peril, living as I do next to the world's largest building by volume, the Boeing plant in Everett, and work is on the other side, and at about the same time I get on work, those mechanics are getting off.
Long story short, I wrecked my car, that car being a BMW. I don't remember if I described it in detail here, but basically one of the mechanics shifted into my lane ahead of me, cut me off, but before I could slow down to his speed, he slammed on his brakes to avoid someone else, which kinda left me screwed.
Now, I didn't hit him that hard, but his bumper was higher than mine. His bumper suffered a few scratches, really, but it was the hood of the beamer that took the brunt of the crash, and it crumpled, broke a headlight, fucked up the radiator and the windshield washing fluid, etc.
Anyway, BMW is proud of their shit, and the parts might as well be the dick of Ron Jeremy, cause the initial estimate for fixing is over 8000$, which might be more than the car, of course, is worth.

Not only does this mean that that car, which really has served me well nearly my entire life, is probably gone, but also I hit the guy from behind, so undoubtedly it's going to be ruled my fault, and my premiums will go up.

So here's the shit: there's a certain satisfaction to finally earning money for yourself. I just deposited my first ever paycheck today, 230$, and it was pretty awesome. But now, of course, I feel really guilty, cause I was responsible for that car. And if I work my shitty minimum wage job, 20 hours a week (which, with school and all, 5 AP classes, is difficult and savages my personal life, if not quite qualifying as wage slavery) for 6 months, and this is assuming I get a job for the rest of the year, which I am very optimistic about, but still, I'll make about 4000$.
That's just kinda a sucky feeling. If I just renounce personal enjoyment for much of my senior year, I will make about half as much money as I lost in a split second. I'll just be digging out of that hole of uselessness.

But here's the real shit-kick in the balls:
Most of the time, when something shitty happens to me, hey, at least there's a lesson to pull out of it. Sure, a few weeks ago, I nearly lost my 400$ car key in the forest and had to spend a whole night finding it, horrified at the prospect of earning 400$ of useless minimum wage.
But at least I learned to be more careful.
Tons of crap has happened to me, as it does to all of us, but we learn from our mistakes.

But this time, I just got shafted in the ass. What might God be trying to tell me through this experience?
Don't drive a BMW? As if I didn't already know that.
Well, as much as my parents might have thought otherwise at the time, when I was learning to drive, I cared. I'd seen friends and my brother get in petty crashes from sheer carelessness, and I really wanted to avoid that, and I wanted to drive. I didn't talk on my phone while driving, get distracted by friends, go too fast. I get way better gas mileage than my parents (about 26 mph in that BMW compared to about 22 for my parents).
And I payed attention, always looking to make sure I didn't fuck up.
But it did me no good. This happened, and while the insurance will say it's my fault, there's no specific mistake I made to learn from.
I was paying attention. I wasn't speeding. I wasn't zoned out, I wasn't drunk, I wasn't getting a fucking blowjob.
Was I distracted? Maybe, I don't even remember.
But I was in a horribly distracting situation, with a crush of cars all going different speeds on the freeway, frantically trying to shift over.
The truth is, if it was my fault, I didn't make any mistake, I simply didn't have the skills to accomplish the task facing me, because I'd never been trained for that, never told to expect it, and I've never seen it before or since.
Maybe if I'd been driving for 30 years I would've figured it out.
But I don't know. As I run through it in my head, I don't honestly know even a hypothetical thing I could've done.

So what's God trying to tell me?
You're useless, and if you try to actually, I dunno, get a job and be useful to yourself and others in some way, I'll just fuck your ass with an experience that's technically your fault, and you'll feel like it's your fault, but you won't know, even in hindsight, what you could've done to avoid it?

If that's the bad news, the slightly smilier news is that I lost my phone.
Okay, that's not the slightly smilier news, that's just the more news that's happened to fuck me at this point in my life for some reason. My first smartphone.
No, the slightly smilier news is that I went to buy a new phone today, and I guess it's not really good news at all. The real news is that I know nothing about the phone market.
When imagining the financial ravages to be inflicted upon me by buying a new phone, I had it in my head, with numbers I pulled directly from my ass, that about $400 is the upper end of the phone market, the iPhone and all that, and at the way lower end, where I'd be shopping, it could get as low as maybe $50.

When I went to the phone store today, first I went gray to find that many upper end phones cost more than $400, up to like $700 for those mini-tablet Samsung things.
But when we actually talked to the guy, and I told him I was in it for the cheapass, I got a phone for $15. No doubt a flaming piece of shit, but I was surprised it went so cheap. A very spartan call-and-text affair, but that's all I ever did with my smartphone.
If I want directions I use Google Maps and scrawl some directions on a piece of paper. If I want to check my email I use my laptop. If I want to read I get a book, if I want to listen to music I use my brother's hand-me-down iPod.
So I thought this piece of shit phone was hilarious, I laughed about it, then got it, and I was so happy with that.


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This was hard to read, until I sorted out that "I just got shafted in the ass" and "I'll just fuck your ass" were meant to be read negatively.

So, didn't you pull over get his insurance, etc.? Any witnesses? If he cuts in front of you with no room and slams on the brakes, doesn't seem like it is necessarily your fault. Now, hit someone stopped at a light from behind, then sure...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Oh of course

First of all, I had a feeling you were going to say something about that... hehe...

As for the second part, oh yeah, we pulled over, called the cops, etc. I have his insurance and all that. I don't know exactly what the insurance companies will rule, the cop won't assign blame, but it wasn't exactly this guy's fault.
Sure, he cut me off, but that's totally understandable given the circumstances of the chaos that reigned at that point. And he slammed on his brakes and came to a complete stop in the middle of the goddamn freeway cause the guy ahead of him did it first. And since he was already going slower than me when he slammed on the brakes, that was more of a general fuck up than anything.
This was someone's fault. Someone screwed up. Cars aren't supposed to be stopped in the middle of the freeway, and that wasn't his fault but it was someone's.
But I think probably, I hit him from behind, there's no one else to vouch for me, who are the insurance companies going to go with? The 17 year old who's been driving for a year and a half or the venerable mechanic in his late 50's who's never gotten in a wreck?

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If you're going to make it that easy...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Of course...

When you have an accident on a freeway and everyone walks away, it's a good accident.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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The details of his lane changing...

would seem to be the most critical in determining responsibility.

At a minimum, I'd think that both insurances should be available! I'm sure they'll sort this out...

From what you say... and the fact that we're talking BMW... I'd consider going ahead with repair rather than junking! OTOH... it's just possible that insurance could make replacing the BMW a better option.

Whatever... you've been through a lot!

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All you can do,

Is make sure you describe exactly what happened, in detail, on your accident report. Showing your position on the highway, show the approach of the vehicle you hit and clearly explain what he did. The law is somewhat unforgiving on rear-end collisions as you already know, but there was negligence on his part too. Essentially, you are supposed to have complete control of your vehicle and being an inexperienced driver usually results in an 'At fault' finding. The lesson you should take from this is never trust another driver to 'do the right thing', they'll disappoint you every time. The one thing I've always noticed when driving is people are in a big fucking hurry, to go nowhere.
I refer to what the other car did as 'Jabbing', you know, you travel down a highway, leave enough space in front of you for braking, then some asshole cuts into your braking space as traffic slows or halts. It's probably the easiest way to cause an accident. All in the name of getting one car ahead. It's stupid and dangerous.
The fact no one was injured is a good thing. I can assure you though, God had nothing to do with it. I feel your pain, but everyone driving almost always have an accident in the first year or two. The more you drive, the higher the likelihood of an accident.

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Fully agree... except for your closing sentence :(

It can be a bit misleading. I think the ratio of accidents per miles driven surely decreases with experience... Or, am I missing something?

Of course... I readily admit that for whatever ratio applies, accidents will increase along with the number of miles driven!

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I would like to think that's true, but, not everyone was born to drive.
To clarify what I meant, the 'odds' are against you. Of course, bear in mind, I drive in Massachusetts. We have a somewhat unfair reputation as being crazy or bad drivers. One has to remember, we have an abundance of out of state drivers adding to the daily chaos. I've driven in roughly 13 states, I think the best state to drive around in is Vermont. There are many confusing combination routes in Mass. as well, so road layouts play a role too.

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That's certainly

a lesson to take from this, don't ever trust another driver to do the right thing, but it wouldn't've helped. I wasn't trusting anyone to do anything, I was just heading to work, when he cut me off, he shifted into my lane and even if he'd maintained speed or accelerated I would've had to slow down to avoid hitting him.
And slowing down I was when he was forced to slam on his brakes. It's simple physics. If you're going twice the speed as someone else, with the same braking power, you need four times the distance to stop. He was going slower, I had no time to do anything about that, I hit him.

And apparently, as I learned today, there was someone injured. I mean, the airbag didn't go off, the crash was under 10 mph, and I felt fine, but apparently this guy has some precious fucking delicate neck.
He's fucking suing me for personal injury, and the insurance said that even if he cut me off, even if I had no time to stop, at most it will be partial fault to each side, so we'll have to pay, it's just a question of how much.

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What a truly sad twist... :(

I'm sure the insurance companies will work it out…

But… I cannot escape feeling that this could very likely prove to be a scam!

Am I not right… he demonstrated not the slightest injury when the two of you originally met… and, hopefully, police could also so attest! Any possibility of video-cam evidence?

Anyway… I feel your frustration...

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I had something similar happen to me about three years ago. I was driving home from work, heading north on RTE.93. The sun was blazing that day and I should have moved my visor over to block the sun. It was stop & go traffic pretty much the entire ride. The sun put me to sleep, albeit for a couple seconds, however, when I opened my eyes, traffic came to a sudden halt. Even the guy I hit had to slam his brakes on. While I did slow my truck, I still hit the guy's Subaru Outback at like 10 mph. I damaged his hatch-back. This guy tried to sue me for a $100,000, but my insurance companies lawyer's found he filed his paperwork too late.(I guess you have three years from the date of the incident) I haven't heard anything else from the lawyer I spoke with, which is a good thing. This guy also was trying to claim injury. I read all the legal docs. He was claiming he had to go to Chiropractors for two years because of back pain and he included the cost of repairs to his vehicle. I know for a fact my insurance company paid for his damages already, as I was surcharged for the incident. This guy, at the time of the accident, took a shitload of pictures of his car, seemingly from every angle, he even squatted down to take a couple. His fucking back was fine then. Sometimes injuries can show up a day or two later, but this asshole was just trying to make money from the insurance. In fact, the lawyer mentioned they found other insurance cases this guy had claimed in the past.
Don't worry about him suing you, he'll be suing your insurance company, not you directly. The driver you hit pulled a bone-head maneuver, like I said before, what he did is the cause of most freeway accidents.
Stick to your guns and keep your version of the accident consistent. If they decide it's a 50/50 at fault, this means you are not solely at fault, and it could work in your favor. Too many people are willing to fraud insurance companies, which is why rates are so damn high. Good luck with that, Chad.