Super-lucidity (+ Dream Journal #10)

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That seems like the best way to describe it.

At the climax (and the only remotely enjoyable part) of my day, I was outside playing (or rather pretending to play) a shitty game of football in the field beside my school. I was completely ignoring the game, but the atmosphere of the field, with the bad weather, was so powerful that it felt as if every memory I had ever experienced was manifesting in that field at that exact time. It was one of the best sensations I've experienced in my life.

All of the objects in the setting–the sports equipment, the wooden structures, the bleachers, the track, the rusted, derelict old oblong storage units, the blue shed, the bunkers, the flagpole, the ominous view of the school building, the forest and the arrangement of its trees, the pathways into the woods, the clouds, and the birds in the sky, among other objects–seemed so randomly mixed together, but at the same time felt like it was all part of one larger idea. Literally every single piece of my vision all around brought back a different part of my life. Almost every one of my memories, whether good or bad, always feels pleasant in retrospect. I love the fact that I have countless experiences hidden inside my mind.

At that moment, it really felt like the universe was designed by my own mind. I don't know why.

Solipsism and Taoism go well together.

Dream Journal #10

I dreamt that I was a person made from a piece of paper, or some really thin material, and I was among others just like me. We were survivors of some catastrophic series of events, and we were in a semi-tropical forest. Somehow, people started getting consumed by this alternate reality one-by-one. We could see them in a sort of television. They seemed like everything was pleasant and they were happy, but we knew that they were doomed to a terrible outcome. We tried to convince them of this, but they couldn't hear us.

By the end, there were only a few others left. We didn't know what to do or what would happen. Then, it was revealed to us that the entire thing was all an alternate reality, set up by real people (who were much larger than us). It was basically a game to see how we would react, and everybody who disappeared was actually part of it.

Then I had a dream about Primus and lawsuits or something because there was a documentary about people suing the NFL on TV. I don't know where the Primus part came from, but it was pretty amusing.


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Uh... I'm missing the connection...

between the preamble (especially... your characterizing it as the climax of the day) and the details of Dream #10 that follows.

What am I missing?

Anyway, I'm pleased to see that you're acknowledging (at least, suspecting) that dreams are in some yet-poorly-understood way a very haphazard rearrangement of real-life experiences.

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It isn't a preamble.

They're two completely separate ideas. They just happened on the same day, so I included them in the same journal entry.

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You put the song in my head now, so I'll return the favor...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles