Time, Memories, And This Urban Life

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It doesn't seem like there's a day that goes by and I think about little things. A walk to the bus stop itself seems like more of a tradition now, more than a chore. Two years. Two years of coming and going from that general area. Walking to I think of what I'll experience, walking back I had no idea I'd experience what I did.

Confusion is not what I'm to write about though... Perhaps when I'm old and not-what-I-used-to-be, which won't be for a very long time. Just riding on the bus for a certain section, I can see the city's skyline. Nothing special for most people, it's something we're all used to, nothing wrong with that.

But to me, even though I've seen it since childhood, in and out. It always holds a special place in the nodes of my brain that compose a memory or series thereof. Slowly it changes, that's ok. But I never take the urban scenery for granted, however sometimes I wish to forget some parts. It seems like only yesterday that was the case.

Waiting at a stop for an unknown period of time a weary sweat-soaked traveller informed me that the buses weren't coming. A light went out somewhere downtown and thus it was that traffic was a clusterfuck. So I walked almost halfway in the direction I came from on a previous bus. And I walked, and walked for what seemed like hours.

The walk presented me with many opportunities to more closely observe the various things I'd miss when riding the bus. A box of old pokémon tapes partially rained on, a star of David spray-painted in blue in front of someone's home, trash of all sizes and colors on peoples lawns. So not that great, but at least I got a walk out of the whole affair.

Soon I arrived at the least error-prone bus stop that was close enough to delvering me to the vicinity in which lay my home. So I waited and waited for what actually was an hour and thirty odd minutes. Soon I was close to home. I eventually hoped off and ate McDonalds for dinner and headed home.

The previous events at my college that day were very good so I wasn't as pissed as I would've been had things not been quaint. Arriving home, there I was. This has proven itself to become a memory, no matter how crappy it was. Maybe someday I'll use it as a humerous tale of the little things I had to do when I didn't have a car, which I still don't hehe.

There was an upside to that day other than excersize. It gave me a chance to really think. Urban decay, urban problems. Vacant lots which really aren't that vacant thanks to the trash and brush. Sidewalks poured in the 1920's that have been in severe disrepair during recent decades. And some thin downed lines hanging from power poles.

You'd think I walked through a miniature Detroit or Chicago. I almost thought I did, probably due to the near-exhaustion for the most part. Now it doesn't take a genius to figure out, there's still a lot to be done where I live. I just didn't know it had gotten as bad as it did during that walk one day.

It seems like the faster we go the more things we miss. Perhaps a stop to smell the garbage dumped in the a vacant lot can snap some of us out of the idea that we're doing fine. Because the truth really is, is that when some aren't doing fine, the rest of us aren't doing fine either. Perhaps I'll start doing voluteer work.

Or maybe the people who hangout in some of the vacant lots all day drinking could be getting off of their butts and helping out their own community. But I suppose if they don't clean their own lot, then maybe that won't work, maybe. Perhaps if there's incentive, like pay for their work.

They could be paid and employed by the city government to clean the lots, and help construct new sidewalks. It's not my idea, my Father pitched the idea at me a while back.

I'll leave off here, let me know what you all think.


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Quite interesting snippet of one day's events...

But, I must caution you on one comment you tossed out:

"... Perhaps when I'm old and not-what-I-used-to-be, which won't be for a very long time."

Regretfully... when you get there (uh... old and not-what-I-used-to-be) and recall these days, you will be amazed at how fleeting this current stage of your life really is!

Please make the most from every moment... and every new experience... no matter how inconsequential they may now appear!

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I try to make the most of my life currently, sometimes it doesn't seem like it. But when I look back someday I'll see that I was trying my best to make a life for myself even if it meant that sometimes there were periods in which fun and games were few and far between. In fact you've given me quite the idea for journal, thank you Elph.