transgender male bridesmaid i need some advice

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Hello all I am new on here and I need some advice I am 25 year old and I have been dressing as a female for the past year full time .I must say that I present my self very well when I dress as a female .So a very good female friend who I grew up and had been very supportive of me coming our as a female .So about a month ago she asked me to be a bridesmaid next spring of 2014.I will be one of 11 other bridesmaids she is going to have a total of 12 .She told me its going to over the top wedding she cones from money .Her husband to be is OK with the fact that I will be a bridesmaid .I forgot yo mention that 2 other girls in the up and coming wedding know about me as transgender .I have worre some dresses in the past but for her wedding she wants all us to wear long dresses with A Line skirts I have never wore a long dress before and the bride told me I will look great in it.

So I had a long talk with my mom and she ask me if this something I want to do .She told me that bring a bridesmaid is a lot of work and very busy.So she then asked me if I am ready during the wedding when I get escorted back up the aisle by an usher with a bridesmaid dress on and I was like yes.She told me that before the wedding I will be in the bridal suite getting my hair and make up done and I was like I know.So I was just wondering i f there is anyone out there that had been a transgender bridesmaid and what kind of experience did you have .My first meeting with 3 of the bridesmaid and the MOH to go over wedding stuff is this coming Sunday so I am kind of nervous.So like my mom said that the MOH will bring up a lot of discussion everything from finding a venue for the shower to making plans to go dress shopping is my mom correct.I would appreciated any advice that anyone can give me .Thanks and his bless

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First of all, I don't anticipate you finding transgender bridesmaids on here, but you know, I've been proven wrong before... ;-)

I don't really see any problems, and honestly, being a bridesmaid is like the least self-expressive thing you can do. You'll be told what dress to get, what color, what shoes, what flowers, where to stand, what to do, your makeup will possibly be professionally done, your hair professionally styled, etc., etc., so really, it isn't going to be anything to stress over. Just enjoy helping your friend enjoy her wedding and don't sweat the trans aspect.

I'm unclear what your mom's concerns are: you'll have to dress like a girl, be escorted by a guy, getting all done up? Is there some part of that you dislike?!

Weddings can be a bit stressful, and the size of this one leads me to think that is possibly the case, but the planning should be easy and fun. You're just helping her make plans and decide how the day should go... nothing to worry about. Or do you only know the brides and not these other girls as much?

Either way, have fun, enjoy yourself, don't stress...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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A little over a year ago I

A little over a year ago I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and I identify as a Female-to-Male transgender guy.

it was awkward.

anyway, any questions? feel free to ask here or a private message :)

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by "transgender male" do you

by "transgender male" do you mean that you are a transman? i'm confused as to whether you identify as a guy or not which could (but not necessarily) change whether or not you want to be a bridesmaid?

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Can I just say...

That's a lot of bridesmaids...

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Yes I completely agree with

Yes I completely agree with you, there are lots bridesmaids and other the dressing they also have the knowledge of making different types of hair styles, doing make up etc.