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Tyler was an ex from February. We dated for a total of about three weeks exactly, but it felt like forever. I really enjoyed his company, up until he ended it for no reason whatsoever. I thought I'd completely erased him... that is until his name popped up on my phone yesterday. I never could bring myself to erase his number, albeit deleting all other forms of our memories (photos, gifts, notes, etc).

We talked a lot yesterday. Almost like February all over again. It was really sweet, and he even told me about how he was sorry about how it all played out, that he wanted me back.

TOTALLY complicating things, especially since I've been talking to this guy for weeks that is completely compatible with me in every possible way.

Thanks, Obama.


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Before you go any further

Before you go any further with Tyler I think he needs to give you a good reason why he broke things off in the first place, and then go from there.

Is he just looking for some short term "fun" or does he have other things in mind?

I've been there before and if things break off sometimes it's better to move on than to linger in the past and deal with the "what if's?"

BTW, I love your journals and hope you keep writing on here!


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thank you!

And i've come to the realization that i am just not that into tyler like i was when we were dating. He's immature and unreliable, a person i don't find worthy of placing trust in a second time. Perhaps when he's older? Maybe. But for now, that's not happening. Plus it is so hard to pretend like that bitter breakup never happened. I'm usually very forgiving, like you have No idea half the stuff I've been through with Edwin. But that's the thing, I would do anything for Edwin....

And I'm rambling....

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An "ex" from a three-week relationship? Isn't that more of a trick?! Anyway...

Keep your needs at the center of the decision-making. What do you want is priority one, everyone else's wants are secondary.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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haha, yeah it was a joke....

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