update - summer, ex, jobs etc.

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Been on this site for a while. Should really be sleeping, but I am sort of in a manic mood and have been unable to sleep. Also, I bought a new phone and left my laptop in the office, so I am writing this all out on a smartphone. It is quite tedious.

Briefly skimmed Jeff's post about the future of this site. I broadly agree with his sentiments and don't really have a solution. I'll probably write a more comprehensive response to it all when I have the time and am on a computer. It will be sad to see the site go, and if possible, hopefully we will be able to restructure and rejuvenate it.

So, what's been new? So I almost landed an internship at Microsoft. Emphasis, almost. I was down to the final forty and got cut after they got us all in and did some weird group assessments. To be perfectly honest I sucked on the day so it was completely my fault. The exercises were pretty strange, but at the end of the day I would simply say I took a chance and didn't quite make it. Perhaps it will be a blessing in the long term, I just wasn't right for the firm and the firm wasn't right for me. Some doors are closed but you might end up opening new ones.

I bought a note 3. It is so damn fast it's crazy. It runs a quad core processor and the stylus is pretty handy, hence me being able to write so much relatively fast.

At this stage I am a bit concerned about my plans over summer. My contract for my current job finishes in December. I am waiting for a job to come through working for the ministry of social development. At the same time, my lecturer has approached me for a research project on institutional corruption which pays pretty well ($23 an hour and the hours are flexible). Neither are certain and I am worried I would end up with nothing.

I just realised that if I get both, I would be working twelve to sixteen hour days during my summer 'holiday'. At one point I could be working three jobs (one full-time and the other two on fixed contract).

From eight to four I would be working for the ministry, then I would have to do at least four hours for policy research. My current student union position will continue to pay me until December despite being on 'break' during the period, which means another twenty hours of work each week, which I can squeeze out over the weekend. Essentially I would be working eighty hour weeks, I don't even think that is legal or possible, but anyway, it's potentially going to be a thing for at least a month. The good thing is that's about $1500 pay a week. Savings from that would help me get through my final year of study. Hopefully the research job will help me land a part time teaching position next year while I study as well.

Over Christmas I am traveling to India for the world debating championships, work permitting. In other news, I was elected as the president of the arts students association, which is pretty exciting. I am working on orientation and funding arrangements with the university at the moment.

My boyfriend is adorable. He bought me a nice bottle of whisky for my birthday and took me out to dinner. Somewhat related, my ex from America returned and we hung out and we are now friends. He is still someone I trust and care about. He is a bit strange, and this is going to sound a bit odd without context, but he offered to repay me a grand ($1000) but I turned down the offer. I didn't like him quantifying the relationship we had in monetary terms. He also showed me a photo of his dad, who recently passed away. He said his dad always asked about me. It's strange that he mentions it now, but it did make me sad that I never got to meet the man.

Finally, Taiwan just had the the biggest pride parade in Asia, and a marriage equality bill is now going through its parliament.


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So great to hear...

so much that's encouraging! Maybe you should always post from your cell? :)

Anyway... I'm quite relieved... sort of negates the rather dark mood you left in the wake of your last few posts!

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I wouldn't sweat not getting a Microsoft gig. That's just a paycheck with thousands of employees at this point. I imagine you'd rather do something with a startup and control your destiny a bit more. Not to mention, we can already see how shit you are about controlling your schedule, so the last thing you need is a company that will encourage you to burn out quickly for a fixed salary. Better off controlling your own future a bit more and going the startup route, even if that means you're the more BizDev side wrangling the VC, etc.

$1,000? How many times was that? ;-)

As for Oasis, I should reinforce that the salvation of this site will be a bottom-up approach (or bottoms-up, heh), since you all are closer in age to the demographic we need to target. At my age, attracting younger people usually means getting an ice cream van, not developing a web strategy. So, people like you are far more likely to come up with how to save this place than me. Figuring out what a website would have to do to attract my attention when I was a teenager defies logic, since there was no web then. So, to be clear, there is unlikely going to be any epiphany on my end, so it's really up to the members to have that breakthrough and filter it up. So, get cracking!

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