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There are too many things to learn in this world.

Wanted to journal but once again not on my computer so will keep this brief.

The world is full of well intentioned selfish people who will care about you as long as you care. You drown if you care too much.


I am preoccupied with money. I see worth in monetary terms, at least when it comes to employment. Unfortunate side effect of being a demanding conservative overbearing parent's son. Regrettable.

I have been accepted to be a research assistant over the summer, as well as a case manager for the ministry. Two jobs and yet I still feel poor.

Things to learn:
Advanced Chinese
Qualitative Analysis
How to be a better person


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There was a time...

when an "educated" man probably knew all that was needed to be a productive member of his tribe. The modern age has turned this possibility on its head! :(

We're in an age of information overload... and it's an ever-increasing challenge just to survive as a truly educated human: that goal is becoming illusive.

I think it's necessary to strike a balance that doesn't compromise the joys of living!

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Completely true what you said about selfishness.

Those thoughts have come to myself as well. You've put it into words better than I ever could have, though. That line deserves some recognition.