Dream Journal #12

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I had an alternate version of the dream from #9. This time, instead of being friends with this guy, I met him and he was a complete asshole and I pretty much wanted to kill him, he was that mean. I can't remember any specifics, but now whenever I look at him I simultaneously get angry and sad because of how mean he was to me in that dream.

I think the dream might have been a misplaced personality of someone I really hate who everyone else I know loves for some reason. That person thankfully wasn't at school today, which made the day much more enjoyable.


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Wow. Rereading this was interesting.

That guy who I said I hated in real life ended up being a friend of mine and he's now hitchhiking around, currently in Florida I believe. These dream journals are actually really interesting. I'm surprised at how different my memory of them is compared to how it was the day after the dreams. Maybe I should go back to recording them. It seems like something that I should be doing.