Dream Journal #13

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The human species was being threatened by a new disease that was being transmitted through liquid contact with animals. This disease slowly caused the blood to become stagnant and pressure in the bloodstream to rise, making veins bulge and skin pale before death.

I quickly contracted the disease from my puppy, since he loves to chew on my hands and lick my face. I couldn't tell at first, but I was sure I had it and that I had two days to find a cure before I fell to the plague. The dream at this point branched off into a short realization that pets during this secretly wanted their human companions to die, though they weren't even aware of it themselves due to their small mental capacity.

Beginning the race to find the cure, I somehow ended up in a secretive complex filled with members of some organization I had a loose connection to (at least enough to know that this place existed and that it could possibly get me a cure). I somehow knew to kill the guards and take enough circular cards off of them to convince the leader to let me in and help me (I guess as a proof of worth or something). Once I did, I rushed to the main building and gave up the cards through the door. I was let in and brought to the leader, who told me that I had to get the attention of someone in the lead of a different organization.

I don't remember receiving the mission, but I found myself the next day at a political speech with a sniper rifle. At this point my face was very pale and my veins were prominent. There was a freight train behind the audience, and I was to enter the last car and shoot the politician through a small hole, at which point someone at the engine would start the train and bring us to a safe zone. I don't remember whether I did this, but I apparently succeeded in gaining attention of the right person.

He walked into the headquarters where I met the other leader, and strongly (though not exactly) resembled Simon Pegg, but with a very different personality, and slightly older features. I was given another mission to prove myself by fighting members of the organization. My memory ends here, so I don't remember if I succeeded in saving my life.

This was the first dream in a while that I remembered well enough to make a full journal entry on, so I'm happy. Maybe my dream journal will start up again.

In other news, I apparently seem like someone who would commit a felony. The people at school who have been calling me a "sus" finally explained what it means (or at least the way they were using it, since it seems to have multiple uses).

Also, I uploaded my new album. PM me if you're interested, since I don't want people to find me here if they Google it.


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So... are you going to tell us?

What does "sus" mean in your HS society?

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Short for suspect.

As in suspect to rape or murder, in their words. Then they got in an argument with a couple of other people about whether that's a bad thing or a good thing. I think it's kevulty black metal as fuck.

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At least your dreams aren't boring. 'Sus', really? What, are they too lazy to say the word Suspect? That extra syllable can be exhausting though. Sorry, I have much disdain for abbreviations.

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I think it was more to confuse everyone.

Everybody wanted to know what sus means, and I guess they just liked that they knew something nobody else did.