Put Some Lipstick and Mascara and the Spotlight on Me

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Theatrics! How else to stay sane?

When the world you built falls apart around you, you start to see that all that structure was just a set-piece, and that the life you lived was all just part of the script. You look up, and where once it was too bright to see, you notice the lights. You look down to see the edge of the stage, and beyond it the audience. They're watching you! They're waiting to see what you'll do!

If this were a tragedy, that's when you'd curl up and curse the world for tricking you with 'reality'. But this isn't a tragedy! It doesn't have to be! It is what you say it is!

I say it's burlesque!

The whole world's a black cabaret- life a farce!

Paint my face and point the lights at me- I'll dance and sing and laugh, and I'll drag the rest of the world onto the stage with me if I can. I'll ham it up, play along, and show the world just how mad it all is. Make them laugh!

Why not play? Why not have fun? The world's too ridiculous to take so fucking seriously.

We folks who see the cracks in the world- we who see the falsehoods and the farce- it's our job to make the rest of the world see it. It's our job to make the rest of the world sing along.

Take a look around your life, folks. Do you ever ask yourself why something is the way it is? Why the rules are what they are? Do you take things seriously? Does the world make you cry? There's no good reason. It's all just burlesque- take my advice and join me in the spotlight. Put on your lipstick and your mascara; wear your raciest clothes; make the audience laugh and cheer and whistle.

Don't cry, little one: it'll all be okay in the end. Just learn to see how strange it all is, and you'll stop taking it all so seriously. You'll learn to laugh and dance, you'll learn that theatrics is the only way. Your life is your very own show- play it to the fullest.

The life of a performer is a good life. Join me on the stage. We'll play until the stage crumbles into dust.