SATs are tomorrow

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So my state runs this boarding magnet school for math and science, and one of my teachers recommended me to go. It would be for high school, so I need to apply this year. They basically look into grades, academic awards, and SAT test scores.

The SATs are tomorrow, which is scaring the shit out of me... plus I have a ton of homework for the weekend. About the school, I'm not entirely sure I want to go. It would involve skipping a grade, which is pretty terrifying, but I'm kinda sick of being known as the freaky smart kid. At least at a school for freaks, I would blend in. The academic program there is also way better than the one at my local high school, but would I really want to leave my friends?

Speaking of friends, my best friend, who I suppose can be called Olivia, and I were talking about her crush, so i brought up that I get crushes on other girls... Which she took incredibly well. She basically said "Who cares. That's your business, not mine. If you ever want to talk about it, let me know." She's awesome.

There's a super cute girl in my math and history classes. She's amazingly smart and funny, plus really nice. Too bad my IQ drops by about 30 points whenever we're in the same room. :p Olivia is semi friends with her, and she says this girl is straight, so I should probably just give that one up. This one gossipy girl kept on asking me who I liked, yesterday. God, that was awkward. She simply wouldn't take a hint and shut up. What a moron. I need to have some sort of prepackaged response, or something.


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Hello, welcome to Oasis!

First of all, never think of yourself as a "freak", putting yourself down doesn't help one bit. Always value your skills, intellect, knowledge, et cetera, not vice versa.

As for your SATs, go for it. Tell yourself you can do it, heck if you have the opportunity to skip a grade you can definately do the SATs. It's really worth taking, wish I'd've taken it. So no regrets, go for it, if you pass that means your unstopable, if you fail you just need more time, there's no shame in that.

Do not underestimate will-power. :-)

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No such thing as a Freak

Nah, I'm kidding. A lot of us are freaks, but that's because we care to take that name on for ourselves.

Welcome to the fucking Oasis. It's a lovely, loving place, and we're all quite nice. Okay, that's a lie, Jeff and myself aren't really very nice. Or at least, not to each other. But that's because he's evil and whatever he does was probably done by Hitler before. He might even be Hitler.

Didn't take the SATs. Chickened out. Whoops. I'll do it eventually. Good luck, yeah?

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