solitary exploration

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I was in a bad mood on Friday at lunch so I expored behind the football field, in the practice area. That place always inspires me. It's even better when alone and while listening to Oneohtrix Point Never's ambient music. I took plenty of photos but they don't inspire nearly as much as actually being there. It's surprising how beautiful the area behind such a dull and uninspiring place can be.

Schools always seem like such a strange community to me, especially such a gigantic high school that I am forced into.

Anyway, hanging outside alone during lunch is the best thing ever.


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So... behind the football field

seems to be the place to escape to for a solitary and "inspirational" experience when in need. No one else has discovered this personal Shangri-La of yours?

But... what contributed to your bad mood?

Hopefully... no classes tomorrow, Armistice Day?

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Nope, no school.

I'm going to West Virginia tomorrow to enjoy the fall leaves. I'm bringing a camera, too, so I can see what I'll do with that.

I was in a bad mood because everybody in my music theory class was acting like I'm an idiot because they're pretentious and I miss things people say sometimes.

It seems like nobody else is as inspired by it as much as I am. It seems like it's just another part of the school to them. I personally love the large square plane and the definite divisions within the field, combined with the randomly placed barrels, rusted storage cubes, and practice gear combined with the distant trees and, preferably, cloudy skies. Something about that mixture really brings back a lot of memories and interesting mindsets for me. Nobody else seems to be impacted the same way by it.

There's also a nice little section around the same area, closer to the school, that has some nice trees. The weather was bad and it was cold out, so I was entirely alone out there. Exploring the empty areas around there really felt surreal; like I was journeying through an abandoned alternate universe, in which all other people vanished and left behind all they produced.

Exploring abandoned ruins alone seems like it would be an extremely nice experience. I'd like to go travelling in an entirely unfamiliar place with nobody else sometime.

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mere pictures never truly capture the beauty that we can perceive. Use light and filtering to your advantage. Don't be afraid to mess with ISO or any settings your camera may have, they can do a world of difference. My advice would be to pursue a photojournalism class or photography class if your school offers one.

"It's surprising how beautiful the area behind such a dull and uninspiring place can be."
Reminds me, I thought the same thing a few years ago. You can't learn to appreciate nature when in a box all day, of course I wasn't so lucky as to see a spot of green near my school other than the football field. Ugly concrete and pavement for miles around. Come to think of it, it wasn't even grass... it was astroturf. :-\

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Are you from the city?

It seems strange to me the idea of going to a school surrounded by other buildings, or otherwise occupied land. It makes me feel grateful to at least have green around. I love the trees, even if they're only thin strips of woods separating the school from roads and residential houses.

I unfortunately only took two pictures messing with the lighting. The clouds looked really cool, so I decided to set my iPod camera to focus on the sky while taking a picture mostly of the landscape. Those two are the only ones that did anything for me. A video I took was sort of cool; I managed to capture a strange sound that was transmitted throughout the school, which really puts me back there when I hear it.

The first time I noticed how perfect the atmosphere is there, I had this song playing in my head the whole time (because I had just listened to it that morning):

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not really the city, I wish though, that would've ruled! It's sort of an old suburban area that's undergone huge revitalization. In the course of a decade empty lots of land were converted into; restaurants, car lots (shit loads of car lots), hotels, more restaurants, bars, minimalls, and small practices (doctors offices).

And... SONG! Makes me think of The X-Files. Not that I ever saw it, but I remember the theme to it for some odd reason.

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If you like that atmosphere, check out the rest of the album.

It's called Selected Ambient Works Vol. II by Aphex Twin. It has some really nice songs. This one is a popular favorite: