Some of The Things About Old Houses

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The vestige now but once built in a time that was prosperous. We still see many old houses that lay around, the ones unihabited seemingly depressed. Say for example the house that's en route to my college. It sits, boarded up, decrepit and sags on a failing foundation nearly a century old, yet it remains.

The home in which I inhabit is pretty old itself, probably about 86 give or take a year. Most homes in my area tend to have their own designs, no one house is like another, save for the ones purposely built to be exact replicas that may be here and there on the same patches of property. The design of mine is reminiscent of something...

It's probably a cross between Old Southern, and that's where my knowledge ends, for it has influences that I can't seem to place. But the one that listed is a strong influence that makes itself known. The thing about old houses though is really their nuances and ambience, maybe even personality! Though this is more imagination at work you see.

Houses age, and though you can always buy new clothes, you can't do the same for a house unless you consider repainting it a change. Eventually you get the creeks and sounds of a settling foundation. You get cracks on exterior, paint peels, the roof degrades. Some things become loose like window frames for example.

A varnished floor polished to perfection, will one day become and can be observed to be darkened and dull. And then there's always the ghost who opens and closes the doors! Haha, so many would think. But really it's the effect of now improperly fitting doors in their respective jambs being affected by changes in air pressure within an old house.

Then there's the moment of quiet in an old house, something definately fell quite hard. Searching high and low in the house, but nothing has fallen. Eventually you need to open a window say in summer. You then realize the sash cord on one window snapped and the counter weight fell somewhere into the space between the interior and exterior walls.

That's what that sound was. No ghosts up to mischeif, hehe. Those are some of the things about old houses.