Tyler Clementi: He Will Forever Be Remembered!

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Tomorrow, Sunday, December 10, the 3rd anniversary of Tyler Clementi's leap to his death from the NJ-NY George Washington Bridge will be commemorated in this very special tribute:



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There's no better way to remember a bridge jumper than to have a walk across the same bridge on the anniversary? Seems a bit morbid. I guess that is their hook to get people to pay attention, though...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Actually... that thought never crossed my mind!

But… your seeing it that way has provided me with something to ponder!

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It does seem a bit morbid, but if any good can come of it, so be it. It begs a mysterious question though, what the fuck possesses someone(who is apparently straight) to film an encounter, contrary to their own desires or beliefs? It's adds fuel to my disdain for cellphones and web cams. Sadly, invasion of privacy seems to be the latest fad these days.

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Peace be to Tyler Clementi and his family.