Virginia high school state tennis champ comes out!

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"When Virginia state high school tennis champ Michael Drougas decided to come out to his Salem High School on Twitter two weeks ago, he was nervous. He and Salem High reside in conservative western Virginia. He figured there was a pretty good chance the reaction wouldn't be so great."

Here's his very inspiring story in Outsports:


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I'm no tennis fan, but doesn't that picture display horrible form? I mean, let's make him look good, no?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Don't really know...

I, also, am not particularly excited by tennis these days. But, Björn Borg back when he was a teen was a truly inspiring tennis star... and quite a good looker as well! Haven't paid much attention since... :(

Edit: I see that HuffPo is now linking to this same article: Rather interesting cover photo (don't know its source, but not from the linked article).

Edit#2: This pic and article may be a tad more acceptable:

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thought I saw Michael Douglas...

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he's cute. Other than that, the article was marginally interesting.