What a find.

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Here I am on my returnal to familiar ports, a prisoner. New leadership has taken its reign now, another autocrat. I wonder how I'll get out of it this time. I guess I've found myself once more in the right and wrong place. What a find.

My dreams follow me where I go. They've taken a terrifyingly inspiring trail, of jealousy, disgust, and unmitigated horror, and I fear the underlying masochism.

Please help me. I'm trapped.


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If only we could,

Leave our brain at home when we go out. Wait, that reminds me of the song 'Detachable Penis'. I think dreams are an instant replay of what's going on in someone's life, with the ability to alter the scenario while still in the dream state. Of course, depending on one's imagination, the possibilities are kind of endless.

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They usually aren't for me, though.

Only when there's something really big going on personally that I can't talk about to anyone. That's the only time I ever have dreams relevant to my life.

I think I've heard of that song somewhere.

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Please! Curious minds want to... :)

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Like right now.

I thought I was making it pretty obvious. I don't feel comfortable talking about examples, anyway. That's why I said I can't talk about them to anyone.

This journal and the last one are literally as clear as I can possibly be about it.