Almost Lost

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So I finally decided to check out the LGBT community center that was way across town. No matter what I was going to get there. Well first off, my mother accidentally took my house keys to work with her. I managed to unlock the door anyway, still works too. Then it turns out there were some detours for my bus route because **** me.

So I finally did find an unaffected bus stop. It was a bit scary at first because there's a stop I always get off at "the last stop" to catch another bus to get to my college campus. But this time I was all-in, I was going over the huge bridge straight into the heart of the city. I was praying to God that I would live through this.

I ended up getting off and doing some walking asking for directions twice, and made it to the "super metro" stop. Think of those buses that are like caterpillars:

It was certainly different riding that bus. No pull cords, only vertical orange strips that acted as "buttons" to signal for a stop. Getting off also quite different with touch sensors that operated the opening of the side doors to get out. I then made my way to the center, only to find that the building was still undergoing renovation.

I checked the website on my mobile to make sure of this. Sure enough, I must've skimmed too fast. I wasn't really that disappointed. In fact it seemed quite sad, the large front windows giving glimpse to a world of half open doors, dusty floors and various pieces of papers on the floor. It seemed the only misnomer that this was it was the address number.

Their mailbox was overflowing with mail that probably hadn't been collected for maybe a week or two. I wondered if some sort of event befell the people who were in charge of the renovating and maintenence of the place. I then caught a bus going back to the city. This got a bit scary for a second.

I looked and looked for my stop but alas it seemed it didn't exist. Even though my handwritten directions told me it was near. A walk around the city block turned up the stop. It was a stop I'd actually seen before, it was the very same one I went to last year to get home from another event.

I soon headed home thanking God I actually made it back alive. I'll be patient waiting for that place to open.

I now consider this little adventure to have been fun and better way to have spent the day.


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Holy shit that sounds scary.

And disappointing at the same time. Busses are weird. I would have died. The weirdest thing I've done by myself recently was spend the day walking down to the water, which is only a few (like 3-5) miles from my house.

Were you in a big city, or what?

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Yes, yes,

I get the sarcasm, haha. It really wasn't that scary once I realized that the city is fairly easy to navigate. I probably travelled some miles out, I basically cut diagnolly through the city and way out, almost near the suburbs. The city, I guess could be called big. I live right on it's outskirts, a pretty urban area, it's been under construction since the damn 17th century. lol

As for buses, yeah they can be weird, but it does help if the bus line has a website with Google Maps trip planning and schedules in PDF. That shit's life-saving man.

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I wasn't being sarcastic.

It really does sound scary and weird. I've never understood what life's like for you city folk.

The biggest city I've lived in has a population of about 20,000, and I moved out of there when I was seven years old.

Everywhere I lived was so beautiful except here. Now I have only the clouds left. As long as I have the sky, I'll still have some sort of happiness.

Sorry for the irrelevance. This sort of turned into my own journal entry.

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Oh, I see.

Yeah the city here has a rough population of one million. Skies a few trees here and there with some grass is mostly the only nature we have here. hehe

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I would hate that.

I can't live without trees. They have such a powerful aura, and more people need to be aware of that. Being with trees always affects my mood so much; there are even religions based on tree spirits. Trees and clouds are two necessities in life for me.