Anyone Seen Bully?

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I finally got a chance to see it, thanks to Blockbuster having insane price cuts due to their demise. Man, that documentary. The one kid, Alex I think his name was, he reminded me so much of myself at that age because of the things that he went through. Even so, the whole film spoke volumes.

I don't remember if I ever spoke about the times in which I was bullied, but I think it goes without saying that it was hell for me. The same happened that when I reached out to teachers or school faculty, nothing happened. With the exception of elementary, my parents really tried to improve the situation, which it did.

But middle school, totally different. Being a stubborn male, I didn't want to let my parents know about any bullying. It just seemed childish to me, and I tried my best to ignore it and brush it off. In high school it only got worse, I became bitter and angry, and even worse depressed. I don't remember how exactly I crawled out of that hole, but I did.

I am not a victim, I am a survivor. There were times I'd cry myself to sleep, times I felt numb and empty, but I made it. I don't remember how but I did. Unfortunately this doesn't happen often for any one person subjected to bullying. Most of the time we hear or read about youth who just couldn't take anymore.

Sadly this seemed to escalte during mid or late 2010, I remember it seemed that over the weeks and months that the headlines and articles just kept coming. It was so heartbreaking, it really had an effect on me. I knew what bullying could be like, how detrimental it could be to someone's self esteem and sense of self worth.

My heart goes out to the families who lost their sons, daughters. Things are changing now I hear, but then again I'm not a high school student anymore, but I hear things are changing for the better now. Even though change may have come late for many, perhaps the change is better late than never.

Change will be slow as it always is but surely it will come. And it only stays when we as a country and as human beings all over the world say "bullying will not stay, it has to go". When we stand for change it stays and the problem goes. Maybe there will be a day when every student feels safe in their school.

Maybe it isn't as far off as it seems, time will tell.


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Been a while since I saw it, but it seemed a bit off to me, as do most of the anti-bullying things of late.

Most of the movie, as I recall (and it has been a while), was different stories about bullied people and what they went through, and its effect on them, etc. But after a while, it seemed like they were spending all their time sending the message that bullying is bad, and that seemed obvious? Plus, it seemed like one of those things that would primarily be viewed only by the people who are on board with its message. So, I started to tune out after a while, since it had little else to say.

I still want to know the main thing that has changed culturally and socially that is the new bit, which is bullied people committing suicide. Bullying isn't new, only that reaction to it. So, rather than be told bullying is wrong, and the sky is blue, etc., that is the part that interests me. I get that people want to avoid that, since it has a blame the victim element, and shows the bullied as ultimately weak, etc., but the entire focus on bullying is because of bullied teens, gay or otherwise, killing themselves.

Just seemed like a wasted opportunity to me. Like the whole anti-bullying strategy is just making sure people know it's wrong and that might help it stop. That seems like a pretty naive approach.

But you saw it more recently, maybe there was slightly more to it than I recall. I doubt there was all that much more, though, heh.

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This episode from your personal history...

is very much appreciated.

Thank you.