Do you think I wanted to turn back around and teach a class, where you kiss they ass that I've exposed to you?

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It never ends.
So basically, as you might know, I was looking for a job several months ago, and after much searching I came up with a temporary position sign shaking for Value Village. This turned out to kinda suck. I mean, obviously, sign shaking for minimum wage is always going to suck, but no, it's much worse than that.
First problem was that I, stupidly, assumed I was going to get a permanent job, because from everyone I talked to, sign shaking is how they started permanent work. So I stopped looking for work. Then it turned out they already have too many people working, so I'm kinda on my ass. This means it appears unlikely I'll be able to get a new job before I leave high school, which really really sucks, though I'm still looking, with sorta growing desperation.

But much worse was the fact that I was heading to work one day, which unfortunately was always the time of the Boeing shift change. I live by the largest building in the world by volume, the Boeing factory in Everett, and I had to go by it to get to work. So I was going by, and I wasn't even speeding, which actually pisses me off, and all this chaotic rigamarole was going on as an absolute mob of cars was getting on the freeway and immediately shifting over.
Basically, a guy shifted ahead of me, a distance ahead, but he was going probably less than half my speed, so I already knew I was going to have to brake hard. But then all of a sudden his brake lights come on and he's stopped in the middle of the fucking freeway as I come blundering in, and I slam on the brakes but still hit him from behind.
I was in a BMW, which, it turned out, was pretty much totaled. A $10,000 loss.
And I was pissed because I was actually paying attention, doing the speed limit, I'm not a perfect driver but at this point in time I was doing absolutely everything that could be expected, when all of a sudden I get hit with a wreck. Worse, it's "my" fault, because I hit him from behind. "Doesn't matter that he cut me off?" I said. No.
Then he sued, for some whiplash claim the insurance company realized was bullshit (I was going maybe 5-10 mph when I hit him, the airbags didn't even go off, and the BMW's hood took the brunt of the crash, which is why the damage was so bad even at a slow speed.)
but they still paid up anyway because dealing with his crap would cost more than just paying.

So we bought a new car from a used car lot (There's only one career less popular than politicians, and that's used car salesmen), a nice little used Subaru Forester.
We bought it for a reasonable price, around $10,000, the value of the car I had wrecked, and the thing seemed boring but otherwise practical and reliable.

Until it up and died yesterday, a month after buying the thing. The problem? The entire engine's toast, a $5,000 loss.
Part of the reason we bought the thing is because even though it had miles well into the 6 figures, it only had one previous owner who seemed to have treated it pretty well. Turns out, this woman, one day, got a Service Engine light on the dash, took it into the shop, and she found that the oil pump wasn't working, perhaps a <$1000 job.
Nevertheless, she had the Service Engine light disabled and the car sold to the lot who then passed the filthy rat bastard onto us.

Now, I'm personally of the opinion that the used car lot knew about this. Maybe the woman didn't tell them, and maybe their checks were incompetent, but I would bet money they knew about this.
In any case, someone was screwing us as they passed this car along. And if they'd just told us the oil pump didn't work, or even just not disabled the light that's supposed to tell us, we'd still consider getting the car because that's only a relatively small part of the value. But because someone was determined to fuck us, this car was driven around for a month with no oil circulating, and a perfectly good, reliable engine was ruined when we'd never let something like that happen of our own accord, and half the value of the car was lost.
Just the sheer waste of such a venture makes me furious. I mean, honestly, I knew used car salesmen are unpopular, but I thought that was stereotypical and was honestly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Trust, but verify, to use a Reagan phrase, but you can take the "trust, but" part out of that.
Used car salesmen are certainly unpopular now among me.


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This was pure FRAUD! :(

OMG! What a truly sad experience!

You're furious… rightfully so. And, so am I… just from reading read this! My eyes are filled with tears of anger…

There's got to be legal recourse.

It should make no difference whether the warning light was disabled by the original owner or by the dealer. That act was pure, unadulterated fraud!

See this:

Uh... btw: That subject... copy/paste failure? :)

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Not sure how its going to pan out

I hope it doesn't go ugly. The car lot is pleading ignorance, which I don't believe for a second. Yet either way, we never would've let the small problem of a faulty oil pump become a much bigger problem in engine failure had the warning light not been tampered with, and that shouldn't be our problem who did it or knew about it.
Nonetheless, it's probably going to be trouble trying to get this all figured out...

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Sorry if this is irrelevant, but I am very jealous of you.

You live somewhere where there are actual forests and real nature. Over here, I can't even take a walk in the woods without running into either a road or a homeless person's tent. And it's a roughly three-hour drive to the nearest mountains. I hope you realize how lucky you are that you live in Washington. It seems like it's basically Alaska with all the benefits of the lower 48.

That aside, you've been having pretty unfortunate experiences and I sympathize. I wouldn't be able to remain so calm after all that, and the fact that you can is commendable.

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Yeah, Washington's pretty great

It's not quite Alaska, which is truly another world... If you go straight by population density, we're actually denser than the country as a whole. Most of that is stuffed into the western lowlands where I live, but I live in a suburb that enjoys their gulches (still fighting to save the one... They voted 59-41 last year to keep it, but for some reason it needed 60% to pass.)

One of the coolest things we have is the Sound, where you can look across water at the Olympic Mountains (I'm not sure how many places you can look across sea at mountains...). As well, not being flat like New Jersey or something, where people spread out, we have some pretty remote spots.
The Olympic Peninsula was the last part of the lower 48 to be mapped, and parts of it still probably haven't seen a human in decades, if ever. Most settlements on the thing hug the edges by the Sound, the ocean, or the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
That, the highest mountain of the peninsula, is a 17 mile hike just to get to the base of the thing, then like another 10 to the top, and that's by no means the remotest thing around.

So there's solitude, and we also have variation. There's the soaking wet peninsula, which has some real nice coastlines, alpine mountains, and temperate rainforest. Then the western lowlands, which are fairly vanilla. They're way less wet than the peninsula, but we know a spot of rain around here. We have hills and little forests, fairly boring.
Then the Cascades, which are way cool. Not the highest mountains in the world, but plenty high, and you can see the ocean from their tops. And Mount Rainier is unbelievably huge, the most glaciated peak in the lower 48, with about a cubic mile of glacier slouching on its massiveness.
Then the Okanogan highlands in the northeast, mostly just rolling hills and scrub if you like that. And then we have our obligatory hot prairie in the Columbia Plateau in the east.

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Wow, Washington is a diverse place.

It's nice to know you care about the geography of the beautiful state where you live. Back in my Alaska days, I definitely didn't care that much about it. If only I could live somewhere like that now, I'd be walking all over the place.

I just looked up the Cacades. It's disappointing to see something like this that I may never experience. Harpers Ferry in West Virginia is still nice, at least. It's the only place in the Appalachians where you can't see strip mines.

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I missed where we get to kiss your exposed ass...

The rest was all unfortunate. ;-(

Hope you have a happy new year...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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That was a terribly rude thing for them to do, I rather think. If you can give me the name of the place, I can probably arrange to have its owner ruined. Not killed, of course; that'd be such an ugly thing to do.

Also, the dude who crashed into you sounds like a bit of what we in the business tend to compare to the festering cunt of a dead jackal. But of course, we're much too polite here to make such a comment.

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The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
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