How Can We Save Oasis?

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I'm kinda sad writing this right now because since this site is scheduled to close down a year sooner now I feel that I have to try to do SOMETHING to help out.

It's tougher for me to come on here now with my heavier school work load (TWO English classes-one regular and one elective) and still doing physical therapy on my injured foot to balance out the strength between each leg. It wears me out, especially after a long day in school.

But I still want to write on here, and I 100% want to read what my peers have to say. I check out this site everyday and it sad when I don't see anything new added.

This is the one place I can write anything I want without worry and know that the people reading it understand where I'm coming from, and to me that's!

I'm not sure I'll succeed in saving Oasis but I HAVE to at least try!

How about YOU?

What can YOU do?



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We tell jeff not to shut it down, and get adrian's ass involved from wherever he is in the globe right now...I mean yeah we are living in a world that is starting to come around, generations of kids growing up loving glee and modern family etc, but this is still a needed site, page, whatever you want to call it, and new members are still joining it....jeff, please don't shut it down man.

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I'm not shutting it down for the hell of it. It's a ghost town. If people are finding support elsewhere, that's great.

If there's a need, figure out how to get them here. If there isn't, that's awesome, too.

Between me and adrian, I'm your only hope, heh. Adrian is nearly out of the picture at this point, on deck for transferring the site to a developer, etc., or possibly adding one module for downloading and switching it to read-only.

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Go for it...

Spread the word elsewhere online. I am not a member of Matthew's Place, or Trevorspace, or wherever, but anyone who is, do some subtle advertising and point people here, etc. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles