I have something to do now!

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I just started reading House of Leaves and I am ready for what may just be the trippiest literary experience of my life. The guy at the store already remarked on how trippy it is as soon as I said the name. (The girl was apparently not aware of it, and was pretty surprised when she saw all the near-blank pages.) Anyway, that's irrelevant and all that matters now is Zampanò's appartment.


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Sorry... "terrifying" was enough for me!

I was unaware of this work... but read reviews on Amazon. Saw the word "terrifying"... that did it!

As a teen, I think I'd probably have been very drawn to such writing (I very much liked the radio program The Inner Sanctum: you haven't a clue... right?).

But now... I have very low tolerance for anyone facing possible imminent danger... even if I know it's fiction!

Anyway... that's just me!

You (and all Oasies™) have a very Merry Christmas!

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Yes. People die in very unsettling ways in this novel.

What mostly interests me about it, though, is the experimentation with storytelling techniques the author uses. He makes patterns with the words, turns text on certain pages upside-down or in circles, makes some pages very small to increase tension, colors certain text (such as every instance of the word "house" being blue throughout the entire novel, including the publishing information and the title), makes codes with the capitalization, etc. That, as well as a plot that nobody could accurately describe to me, interested me enough to start reading the book.

For a full-color, 600+ page book, it was surprisingly cheap. Only $21.