i love my best friend

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She is perfect .tall, dusky and beautiful of looks and mind.I've known her for five years since we were eleven and I have left many a guy because she told me too.She is straight and I thought I was but turns out I wasn't .It took me five years to realise I'm in love with her.I love her more than anything and I wish I'd seen the signs earlier.I've stopped talking to her when my true feelings for her and my orientation scared me . But its in the past now and I came out to her and some other close friends.I told some people in my family except my parents who will surely disown me if they find out I'm bi.What hurts me us that this is my last year with her.I love her to death.


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I'm in a pretty similar situation.

Except all of the aspects are less severe for me. Just enjoy the feelings. That's all you can do, really. You can never be too sure about other people's heterosexuality, though.