I'm a doofus

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Hey, guys, haven't been around in a while. I thought I'd re-enter by telling you about the socially awkward penguin moment I had today.

So I started volunteering at this place a few months ago. Most of the other volunteers are older people (think 60+)Anyhow, this one younger guy (around my age, I would guess) started volunteering a couple months ago and was really cold to me. Never smiling or saying hi or anything. That totally changed a couple weeks ago when I asked him if he knew where I should be putting something away at. He totally warmed up and was talking to me in a friendly tone. Maybe he found me cold before? I dunno. He's been nice since. Smiling, saying hey, making conversation, ect.

Another day as I was going to sign out and he was leaving he stopped and asked to get my name. Today we ended up going on break at the same time and chatted. We ended up talking about video games, the Xbox One (he has one), ect. Then as I was leaving the room where we sign out for the day, I noticed he was standing right outside the door, all dressed ready to leave. I thought he was just waiting to say goodbye but then he started walking with me and said "Hey, if you ever want to hang out, I'm always down. You, know, Xbox One..."

YOU GUYS, KNOW WHAT I SAID? "Oh, okay... I'll keep that in mind" WHAT?!

I'm such an ass. lol. I didn't really know what to say cause I'm always in such a hurry to catch my bus and I didn't really expect him to ask me to hang out or anything. I feel really bad now cause being an introvert myself, I can only imagine how much courage it may have taken for him to ask me to hang outside working hours. I also feel bad cause I don't know how he took what I said. lol. I do wanna hang out, as friends, but damn, I done goofed. I don't even know if he'll be there next week considering the holidays are approaching and everything. Will have to try to explain myself next time I see him as best I can. lol.

~As an aside, I just read the last post Jeff made and am very sad to hear that Oasis may very well shut down in the next year. I can't even begin to explain what this site and the people on it have done for me. It was a very big part of my late teen years and discovery of who I am. I will have to try and get the site out to people who need it and start visiting again more!~


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Doesn't seem too bad, haha. It probably dawned on him that you were in a hurry if you appeared so. Don't sweat the small stuff.

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Easy to recover from. Just say, "Sorry I was distracted the other day. So, when do you want to play X-Box? Oh, and we should add each other on Facebook if you're not going to be here much longer..." Done.

As for Oasis, we shall see. I just feel bad for people on here who need support not getting as much or as quickly as used to be pretty standard. So, I'd rather people go somewhere where that isn't an issue, even if the site is less cool, heh.

I am glad the impact Oasis has had on so many people, though in its 18 years, though.

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