Mele Kalikimaka Oasis!

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I was looking through one of my old journals from June I think it was. About My Little Pony and how it's got this crazy cult following. Well I made a little comment that I should definately go check out one of those conventions that the fans sometimes setup. So I did, I went to, you guessed it, a brony convention.

Well it was sort of out of the way, but it did have some voice actors from the show. I had the time and money for once, and one of my friends thought it'd be a gas to go. Well it was at the hotel we sort of had trouble finding, but we found it. When I saw some people at first in the lobby wearing brony shirts I was honestly taken aback.

I found myself asking the front desk if this was indeed the hotel that was hosting the convention. Of course I got a huge yes. We soon paid our way in, and we stepped into the internet. Upon entering, there were many cosplayers (people dressed as characters from the cartoon). My friend was pretty much blown away by the fanfare.

Oops gotta cut it short here. Mele Kalikimaka Oasis!

Basically what caught my friend off guard was the costuming and the fact that even guys were doing the same. My friend has heard of cosplay stuff since another friend really tried to coax him into going to some anime convention a while back. Anyway, the dealers booths with really cool art blew me away.

I found myself checking out all the art that the dealers had to offer. I couldn't afford anything, most of the time when I asked who made the pieces of art at one table the proprieters said they themselves did. I found myself complimenting. And when I saw a guy with a derpy type costume I was just like "Whoa dude cool Derpy suit!", a total high 5.

My friend was walking close to me apparently trying to soak in the whole thing. We ended up in a line a few minutes later awaiting the opening ceremonies. Things did indeed take off, an hour behind schedule, and soon in the same place where opening ceremonies took place the first event was held.

It was a Q&A session with Matt Hill and Sam Vincent. They took questions and also gave little stories here and there about their careers and how they got into voice acting / voiceover work. The parts that I'm sure everyone enjoyed were when each did their respective voices just out of the blue. That was the coolest!

They also did voices for My Little Pony characters (the main reason they were invited). My friend had absolutely no idea that Matt Hill did Ed's voice and Sam Vincent did Edd's voice in Ed, Edd n Eddy. My friend was was delighted to find that out and probably decided that the whole out-of-the-way trip was really worth all the strange parts.

Basically with time wrapping up and the sun going down we could only go nowhere but home. I did one last thing though before leaving the hotel. I decided to get Matt Hill's autograph since I only had that much time, sorry there Sam Vincent. I was very excited, in fact I'd been anticipating the moment for three weeks.

Upon walking up to his little table he greeted me with Ed's voice a "Hello there!". Totally excited I just grinned and I said a nervous a hello as well, with stutters... I did manage to get myself in order though, and I asked if he would sign this old VHS copy of Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, a favorite of mine in which he did voice-overs of two characters.

He agreed, in fact he seemed kind of surprised. Matt Hill decided to holler at Sam Vincent (sitting at his own autograph table a few feet away). Matt Hill said "Hey check out what my friend here brought for me to sign!". All I could do was find myself doing little brushes with fingers at my hair as if it were coming uncombed grinning shyly.

He gladly signed it and even asked me for my name. He even asked how to spell it correctly! Although it's not hard name, but there are many variations of it in spellings. I appreciated how he took that into account, not a lot of people usually do. All I can remember is that I didn't take much of his time with the whole thing.

I found myself saying "Thanks I really appreciate it, I've hard a hard week and this really means a lot to me.". He asked if the autograph and little message was good, I said it was perfect. We both smiled, shook hands and off I was with my friend. He checked it out and we both were all giddy about it, I almost cried due to happyness haha.

I didn't think I'd actually get his autograph to begin with. But I decided that I'll never know if I don't try. And when I tried I knew, yes. With that we headed back. We still bring up the convention every now and again, a crazy experience both of us shared. I got a T-shirt just to remember the event. It was a fun day just to get away.


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I see those shirts all the time.

I go to a high school, so that kind of stuff is pretty common. I haven't been into the show for a while, so I don't really care anymore. I get pissed when I see people wearing shirts for television shows, though, even if I like the show. It's just ridiculous in my opinion to wear something that tries to have a message or say something about your personality. It makes it way too easy to be judged. The only shirt I would wear that says something is this one, and that's because it says so many contradicting things that it's difficult to assume that any of it is genuine.

Sorry for derailing again. Better than nothing, right?

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Here's where we differ on that.

For you the MLP craze has hit its peak in popularity, meaning people wearing MLP shirts and such, no one cares since it's so mainstream now. I graduated from high school in 2011. Brony stuff was still just taking off (on the internet), and it wasn't until 2012 that I started seeing Brony culture in our offline world. A holy-shit-the-internet-is-leaking type of deal.

So it was culture shock for me, not so much for you. As for clothing I don't tend to have judgement on what people wear. If it's what they want to wear, they'll wear it and not care about judgement. And I don't think people try to express their whole self through clothing, it's just fabric that appeals to them, so they wear it.

On the MDE shirt, if you like it, you like it.

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So I am gonna go out on a limb here...

And guess you are a hawaiian? Well, merry christmas to you as well.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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though it would be nice to live in Hawaii someday. :-)

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I never get that curious about other subcultures. I'll watch a documentary, but otherwise, immersion seems a step too far for me. ;-)

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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You'd want to watch a documentary first. Myself I've been following this subculture since Summer of 2012, by then it was in full force and thanks to the new season that premiered last month the subculture has gone insane and still continues to grow.

I wish you the same there Jeff. :-)