Oasis update...

OK, just wanted to get something up on the main page again, but so far we don't really seem to have a plan on how to get more people on the site.

I think I'm going to move up the deadline and, barring any burst in activity/membership, we'll probably shut the site down on December 1, 2014 (aka 361 days from now).

That will get us to 19 years in business. 20 sounded like a nice round number, but I can't see us doing two more years at this pace.

My next task is going to check with adrian about finding some solution that lets users download all of their content in some non-ugly format, but other than that, I'm not really taking any steps to reviving the site.

Again, I am open to any other options people advance. I mean, if Uncertain wants to take Oasis and just run it as a global gay non-profit, he can have it. Anything will be considered, or it will go away.

But two years at this glacial pace is too long, so tick-tock... who's got a plan?

To get rid of some of the major suggestions (both posted and what I got in pm's):

Go legit
If we do outreach to schools, GSAs, etc., we would have to be a far more button-down site. 501iiic, advisory boards, staff and non-youth volunteers getting pedo-screened, etc., so that really isn't an option, that is starting an entirely new thing. Is someone with the desire/ability wants to pursue that, they are free to do so (provided they have the experience/skills/etc.).

A few people suggested we get more members who are xxx or yyy, who would benefit from the site. And, while those people probably would benefit, there's no plan there. Technically the site is open to everyone now, including those groups. So, we need to sort out how to get them here and active.

Keep it running
Not a real option. If the site is nearly abandoned, why keep it limping along. I'd rather force anyone on here, or who might sign up here before we shut down, to find active community online, or support elsewhere, than a site where that support may come days later. Plus, on a personal note, I do check in on the site all the time, and it's sort of needlessly habitual at this point, but I really need the site to be active, in someone else's hands, or gone.

Adrian has referenced keeping the site up and read-only after we shut down. I'm still not convinced that is merited. I mean, are people ever reading old columns from March 1996 or anything? I imagine not. I feel the site only has temporal appeal. But I could be wrong...


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Here's an idea:

Make this site read-only, and we could move to a more popular and active web site, or maybe merge into one. I hope someone here has connections.

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I don't get it...

If there's an active, popular website people could go to... what are we bringing to the party? Or do you mean import your content from here to there?

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The latter.

I like that one better.

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I read all the posts.... I'm

I read all the posts.... I'm up to page 396 story 9 so far as of 2 days ago...\

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I suppose I can't really raise any objections, since I've mostly vanished from the site myself... But it's a sad thought to think this site wouldn't be here to help future kids the way it helped me.

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That is largely the problem, though. We can look to the past, and wonder about the future, but if the present is indicative of the future... it doesn't look good.

Or it's amazing, of course, if people need a site like Oasis less in general.

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youtube just a though

I see value in this site I think it needs to be more well known to the new kids coming out
why not make a youtube video with a link to the site i think it would really help
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I think we need LGBT youth explaining the benefit of the site to other LGBT youth. Me pimping the site isn't really going to help as much.

So, whenever anyone suggests any method to help save Oasis, my advice is: Sounds good, go do that! So, make a video and post it!

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Please don't let this site die!!!!

There's lots of us that still need this site, and for a teen like me living in Bumfuggerville U.S.A this is the only way to connect with other gay teens except for chat rooms... if you are even able to go into chat rooms.

With all the smart people involved in this site I'm sure there's a way we can save it!


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I'm not against keeping the site, but it needs to pick up new, active members. So, any way people figure out how to do that, the better...

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Sad news

I am not apart of the LGBT community as I am straight, but I really like this journal and community. While I hardly post or comment, I still regularly read posts and keep up to date. It would be such a shame to shut it down, despite it's small collection of members. :(

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Bad news

This is sad news to read. This site helped me out so much. Though I do feel partially responsible since I don't really post anymore, despite best intentions.

Its possibly a naïve suggestion but maybe having the site as an app would increase activity? If you just have it there on your smart phone it is easier to check on the go?

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alright, why not do this

If anyone has some concrete ideas of what to do with the site, has relevant experience, web coding skills, please let me know! I feel like non-commercial spaces such as Oasis that promote open discussion and expression are an important tool for young queer individuals.

If I were to re-vamp Oasis I would try to promote the 'news' aspect of the site, posting critical insight and giving an alternative voice to 'mainstream' queer culture, while also retaining the intimate, journal aspect of this website. Only problem: my lack of coding skills... although the current format would work quite nicely.

I'll post my e-mail my member page - write to me if you're seriously interested in conserving Oasis, willing to actively work on updating the site, ect.

**If it does end up shutting down... I don't like the idea of the site being read-only.. not sure I want some of this stuff found now that I'm a bit older... If it's done, it's done.

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You would need to specifically find someone with Drupal skills, since that is the web content management system Oasis uses.


It is a pretty well-known CMS at this point, though.

If the site goes read-only, I would only do that while also giving users the access to delete all of their previous content. That does have issues, though, when it comes to forums, that I need to explore. Like, if you created a forum, would it disappear? If you replied in the middle of a very popular one, would it take out everything after you, or just yours and any nested replies to yours?

That is adrian's preference. I would just as soon post a message on here that the site is shut down, with the ability for users to log in and delete or download their content, but none of it is available to anyone else. Of course, it is the Internet, it is already recorded somewhere forever.

PS: A quick look around Drupal, and there are people there talking about queer things, so might be a good match to see any are keen on being your techie. You can see at https://groups.drupal.org/node/140679
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How about this:

Users have the access to "hide" all their posts, making them visible to only members of the site, and invisible to search engines. Like account profiles.

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Not sure...

Seems like a waste to keep the site up and running (and it would cost Adrian something to keep hosting it read-only) just for people to be able to log in and see it. I mean, it's up and running now and not enough people log in to use it, what will the traffic be like when there is no new content?

This is all for Adrian to sort out, though.

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