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So yeah Hallmark Channel. Two straight months of Christmas movies, what the hell? I can't watch The Golden Girls because of this, why Hallmark Channel, why? On an unrelated note, my college lacks a GSA. Now it's probably not a big deal seeing as almost any LGBT person by now has some support somewhere.

But what about those who have little to none? This is something that's making me think of actually starting a GSA. But I don't think I can dedicate enough time or energy towards such a thing, and even then no one probably has the time or energy either to attend if a GSA is even brought into being.

I can only imagine how difficult it might be for someone who's only real option of interacting with LGBT persons like themselves is the bar or nightclub scene. Not that it's bad, but those aren't really the places for just searching for a listening ear or friendship. Granted if you really do want that interaction though, you'll go that route anyway.

I know I wanted to go that route, of course as I discussed in a previous journal I went the route of the LGBT community center first. Of course it turned out to be a bust for this point in time. So next I'm considering the bar scene, yeah I know that seems insane, but some interaction is better than none.

Of course as Jeff so meticulously pointed out in the comments of said previous journal, he basically stated (from what I undersood) that convincing anyone person that I wasn't looking for love or a hookup would be quite challenging. Still I will try, it's all I have for right now.


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I didn't go back and read my previous comments, but I will offer a potential addendum. Many of my gay friends are also people I did meet at bars, and some I did hook up with, some I didn't, possibly all I wanted to at one point, heh. So, those lines are often pretty blurred in gay circles. If there isn't any sexual option available, you can still find they're good company... although truth be told, if there was ever a drunken night and things happened, oh well...

So, there's little to be concerned about. If you don't want sex, you won't have it (although that seems a strange thing to keep off the table, and why make rules you might be keen to break yourself?). But someone who pursues you for sex may end up friendship instead. You just have to be clear about what you want at that moment.

I mean, there are people on Grindr who supposedly aren't looking to hook up, just want to make friends. Some of them have to be for real, one imagines. Err, I mean, someone told me such a thing exists on an app I believe is called Grindr. I wouldn't know personally! ;-0

Also, with Christmas stories preempting your Golden Girls, you're ahead of the game. You already sorted out how to be a gay senior citizen! So, you have that going for you...

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Last paragraph.

Haha, you knew how to me laugh with that one.

Yeah Grindr... I don't hear good things, just people looking for sex it seems. But as far as sex and then a friendship? Don't know, seems too personal for me. I don't think I could ever have that person as a friend after something like that, it would just be far too awkward.

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I have a different attitude towards sex than some people, but I actually personally see sex as a good way to connect with people. It's never made me feel awkward around a person, not unless they were somehow ashamed of it. Shame is honestly the only reason it would seem awkward in my opinion, and fucking isn't anything to be ashamed of. I think it's something to celebrate.

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