Today was the bomb!

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In a literal way, though, so it wasn't fun. I had to stay in my first period class for nearly three hours, so I missed my favorite period and I didn't get to talk to anybody I normally talk to. Today was boring. Pretty much nobody was there and I didn't even get to see a certain person who is in a way somewhat important to me (elph should know who I'm talking about). So I guess a day like this is something I have to write about.

Also, Merzbow's birthday was yesterday, so this is obligatory:


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that sucks man. I remember my Senior year some crazy nutjob brought a gun to school and waved it around. He probably wanted to scare someone or a group of people because he spilt after he waved the gun around and the school police chased him. They caught that jerk thank goodness. It scared me when I found out what happened.

It happened in the cafeteria, I couldn't even see him from the way the cafeteria was shaped (like an L). Someone shouted something and the whole cafeteria got quiet. And I was like "what the fuck is this? why did everyone get quiet so suddenly?" Then I guess he ran off, people scrambled all over the place yelling, screaming, it was chaos.

I barely made it out of there, all I knew at that moment was that there was danger. In fact I had no idea what actually happened until I was in my classroom I was supposed to go to after lunch. I felt a knot in my stomach, I phoned my mother to let her know what happened. 2 hours of being stuck in a classroom.

To this day I thank God that no one was hurt.

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That's weird.

My lunch room is shaped like that, too.

The story at my school was pretty boring. My class was told by the teacher not to pack because the bell would not be ringing, so I did some homework that was due second period (that I slacked on as always). The teacher looked at the computer and told us about the bomb threat. A staff member came in and gave her a sheet of paper, after which we were informed that we were in code red and had to move to the front of the classroom. The rest of the period was spent by the class (including myself) sitting on the floor and looking at posts on Twitter that were about the bomb.

The police brought dogs to search the school for bombs, and all they found was a ton of weed. The town hall (I believe) and the courthouse were also affected.

Nobody was afraid at my school because we're not a bunch of pussies.

Plus, I don't care if I die as long as I'm listening to Erragal. Shamash calmed me down instantly.

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a fogot ta add sumtin

I was selected to be a part of a noise compilation, so I have been busy working on a track for that and being very excited about getting my music on a physical release. It's going to be on eight-track tape, apparently in very limited numbers, and it's going to have a bonus book of additional art for each track.