Are Xanex a bad way to deal with a break up?

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I need them to escape the stabbing pains of nausea in the pits of my stomach, and to stop my long periods of crying and anxiety attacks.

P.s the Xanex were smuggled in from Bali, not prescribed.


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Be cautious!

Many drugs from that region are counterfeit... it's difficult for the typical user to recognize counterfeits from the real thing!

I'd much prefer that your personal physician/psychologist would prescribe what is considered appropriate medication. Medication can help... but it's best to be safe and sure!

Also... if you indeed choose to self-medicate using the smuggled Xanex, you should never stop abruptly: it is imperative that you taper the dosage over a number of days!

Good luck!

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what do you mean taper the

what do you mean taper the dosage over a number of days?? I have taken 2 .5mgs in the past three days, had a break yesterday but will have another one tonight. small dosages

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and your right about being

and your right about being safe! I will have to go to a GP and get some Zoloft, which was what I used to be prescribed on when I had anxiety a few years ago.

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Your body will respond very unpredictively (i.e., quite negatively!) when an anti-depressant is abruptly stopped. Consequently, when you wish to stop, you should gradually reduce (i.e., taper) daily dosage to zero over a period of at least 2 weeks.

Similarly, when you initially begin to start such meds, you could actually experience increased stress over the first few days (sometimes, suicidal)! Everyone's different...

If under a doctor's prescription/care, you should just continue (but inform him/her if you're not experiencing considerable improvement after about 5 days --- it frequently takes that long before real benefits "switch in").

I have no idea whether 2.5mg is a typical beginning dosage. :(

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Lol no I didnt mean 2.5mg I

Lol no I didnt mean 2.5mg I meant I took .5mg once a day for two days. Sorry for the confusion haha. But last night I took a whole 1mg. And thank you I shall try that :)

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I'm confused...

Most people go through a lot of anxiety/depression around breakups when they get dumped, but since you finally had enough and dumped him, shouldn't you just be like "Enough of that, time for me to find someone better," etc.?

I don't know whether most physicians would prescribe medication if you're depressed after a breakup, since well you're supposed to be depressed at some points in life. It's not like you have some chemical imbalance that needs correcting, you went through something and that's normal. Then again, doctors seem pretty quick with the pad these days.

I do fear that by medicating the lows in life you are removing some perspective to appreciate the highs, leaving you with a chemically-sustained average and thinking it reality.

The hurt shows you how deep the love was, and how far you've rebounded when the next love happens.

That reminds me of this Louis CK clip (starting at around 2:55):

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Hmmm this is true, but

Hmmm this is true, but regardless whether of being the dumper of the dumpee it still hurts nonetheless to let go of love. To feel no depression or anxiety after a break up would actually mean at the time you felt no love for the person, which of course I do and how could I not after a 2 year relationship. To let go of love, a future and the remembering those bittersweet memories it all hurts.

And that's a good point you bring up about the chemical imbalance, perhaps I should just deal with this all by myself without any medication.

As for the video I am unable to view it as it says it is not available in Australia.

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Really short answer

Yes. Use weed. It's better for short term problems.

This is really just an appendix to Jeff's post.

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