Dusty Closets and What They Reveal If You Look

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Well there I was in my house alone, and I figured I needed to entertain myself with something. I figured I would seach the old linen closet in search of some old books, one in particular though. From what I remember it was of a maroon color and was probably under and inch thick. But one thing was for sure, it was something about Peanuts comic strips.

So off I went braving dust, darkness, the musty old smell of linens not used in many years, and little pieces of glass and bits of gift paper and things from decorations also stored there. I looked through some old childrens books, ones I remember that my mother would read to me. Old sewing magazines and home decor magazines mostly dating from 1980 - 1998.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the book, perhaps it's in the second linen closet. It's rather funny how this old house is such a puzzle sometimes. But I'll search for it today and hopefully find it, for some reason books tend to last in this place, they just aren't prone to mold, paper bugs, humidity induced warping, or anything like that except for dust.

However two photo albums I found did interest me. There were many photos in the first, two people whom I didn't instantaneously recognize. But upon bringing the 3in by 3in polaroids closer to my face I recognized my parents. They must've been in highschool in the photos, and later in the album in their early married years.

Little photos of them at the Daytona beach, photos of my Father with his Volkwagon Beetle. Some photos of them being silly like presumably my father taking a picture of my Mother when she was doing something as ordinary and unremarkable as folding clothing. Or a photo my Mother probably took of my father waking up in the morning.

Many silly little photos like that made me laugh. But they also made me shed a few tears. Because seeing what their lives were like and where they are now. They're relatively fine though, but sometimes I wonder what things would've been like if some things went differently. I'll leave of there on that one.

The next photo album was a little shorter and didn't feature many photos of anyone. I soon realized they must've been photos my Father took when he was in the United States Navy. Mostly photos of landscapes some of his friends and cathedrals probably when he was in Spain for a little while.

Other photos were of foreign cars and streets, one photo of two women wearing Hijab. I didn't have the time to thoroughly search in between the photos, but they sure were amazing to see. Those photos were probably taken in the 1970's. It made me think of my friend for a second who's expressed interest in the Navy.

See the world, he put much emphasis on that. Just hope nothing major would happen while he was serving. My father ended up in a ship on the Mediterranean Sea in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. My Father said it was quite a sight seeing a line of ships lining the waters close to the land of Israel.

Ships from Egypt, Syria and the USSR, Destroyers, Battleships in the waters facing down Israeli and United States ships. My Father entertained the thought that there would be another World War. It was a indeed a possibility if you ever research U.S. involvement in the Yom Kippur War.

Well soon I'll search the other closet and see what I find next, wish me luck!


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This was a cool journal entry to read.

I wish there were old photo albums like that in my closets.

It seems like it would be pretty trippy to find those old pictures of your parents with no explanation, having to figure everything out for yourself based on what you know about them.