Holy shit, no.

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School is closed tomorrow, too, for fucking nothing. The universe saw that this weekend was at a time that made me really unhappy, and that it was dragging by slowly, so it just had to take to opportunity and turn the four-day weekend into a six-day weekend, at least. I really hope Bratwurst Day is open, because I can't take this any more.

And before anybody says anything, I don't think any plans made through artificial communication will work in the situation in which I'm stuck, for reasons mentioned earlier. So I'm just basically experiencing a layer of loneliness and pain under everything I do. How fun.

At least I may be doing a music collab with someone tomorrow, so I may have some inspiration to express myself musically. Maybe even talk about my feelings to some extent (in the context of musical expression, of course).

Also have a 4-minute fun:


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I feel relieved.

I just had a satisfying email reply that actually made me feel a lot better, despite that it was only three sentences. I don't even feel lonely any more. Just bored.

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I know that feeling...

You'd like more... but it's surprising how just a few words will cheer one up. It just worked for me!

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I guess it's just a sign that he exists,

and hasn't disappeared into memory like I've started to believe.

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No school again! I am so fucking bored, something please happen!

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Don't worry dude,

school being cancelled and not being able to see your friend is not the end of the world. My advice, do something creative and time consuming to pass the time and keep your mind off of that person. It's kind of antisocial but if it helps, it helps.

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I've run out of things, though.

I ran out on Monday, I think. Now I'm just lost. I sent an email and asking him to do something tomorrow, but i doubt anything will happen. The plans I had for today (with a different person) fell through, as usual.

Also, do you know anything time-consuming that I could do?

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is there anything you could improve on in your home? Say cleaning a room or doing small-time maintenance? I'm sure there are many things you could find to do. I find a great way to spend time is by drawing, or writing fiction. For me those two things I get really focused and imaginative, I then find out that time has passed eventually.

Even running errands can spend time pretty well. If you're got the time, it helps to be productive. What do you think?

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my room is a giant mess of audio cables, cassettes, guitars, and records, but there isn't really anything to do with all this stuff when my room's as small as it is. Drawing's too open and indefinite for me to know where to even start on it. I'm not too bad at it, but there are just too many ways to go about on a drawing that I'm just overwhelmed and give up after a few seconds (not to mention it looks like shit when I'm this confused, and my inspiration gets completely scared off). There are no errands to run when there's nobody else in the house and everything's already finished for the rest of the day.

I don't know about writing. I do most of it here, and there isn't much I can think of. My day is hopeless.

No email replies either, so that's kind of disappointing.

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Perhaps you could hang up shelves?

Maybe you could also put some nails in the walls for hanging some of your cables, they even make wall holders for guitars.

Anyway, don't take drawing that seriously, start out with something, it doesn't have to be anything specific. That may or may not be difficult, just try. If you don't push yourself you'll just stay in the same place. Getting outside of one's comfort zone can be beneficial.

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I already have two wall holders for my guitars.

But I bring them down and set them with the rest when I've been playing them a lot. Nails for the cables wouldn't work because they aren't long enough to go all the way up to the ceiling. I even have to drag my guitar amps as far as they'll go just to be able to record into the computer. The majority of the cables aren't even near the wall. They're just in a big knot by my guitars because guitar cables come in about two sizes (which are either way too short or way too long).

Anyway, today wasn't so bad, since I stayed in bed until 1 PM and then entertained myself with a bit of Civ V and now some Sleep Research Facility.