I really want another cat.

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You know those nights where you're so exhausted from being stretched too thin since you first woke up two and a half weeks ago, but you just can't let yourself drift off to sleep because you know the rest won't be satisfying and you for some ungodly reason miss all too much when the nights dragged on forever as you tried desperately to maneuver your way out of a ballast sealed cocoon woven from the fibers of every highly exaggerated and raw emotion your developing, angry, anxious, confused, isolated teenage mind slashed out for you to obsess over daily? Perhaps you're not quite sure if your brain is ever capable of feeling such an overpowering way again now that you're developed and stable and maybe tame. I have no idea what I'm talking about. I just really don't feel like sleeping or being productive, and my other brain is being forced to work too much these days and leaves me with just myself to ponder during nights like this. It's not interesting.


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I like being awake at night.

It's more natural. Sleeping is easier at day and waking up in the morning isn't right. School tries too much to normalize people, and make us all the same, as if we're only one person. The capitalist society wants every one of us to be unnoticeable and worthless, as we dedicate our lives to supporting the massive entity that only destroys humanity, but convinces us all to do nothing but help it grow. Humanity is its own cancer.

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And... it's only recently in our human existence

that we could afford artificial lighting beyond a cooking fire. How did man occupy himself at night in that long era of mankind?

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As Varg Vikernes would say,

they would leave their homes to experience "a world worth living in" (or something like that, I don't feel like finding the exact quote). I don't really know how to describe the night other than that. It's just the time when humanity is gone, and the world becomes one I can actually enjoy: a world of mystery and untouched harmony.