I tried out non-fictional writing... (more overly emotional whining)

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Coat your precious surfaces in soft and special patchworks
Burn the flaws from your neatly tailored strings
When the patrons are absent you will be the unseen expert
Asking no reception from those adjacent
Concealing the ultimate quality
The blessed borders
Which decant their holy manna to only
The warm and woven druid
The lost adherent


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sorry to litter this site with whiny garbage

I was really feeling this, and nobody was helping, and my expressions don't feel finished until they're put into the public somehow

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An intriguing concatenation of words... and rhythm

But the message truly evades me... and, I have tried!

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It's just a silly love poem.

Nothing more than expressing the emotions that have been destroying me lately.

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I think I understand...

be assured, I'm trying!

In your subject line, did you mean "overly" or overtly?" I really can't tell if it was a typo or not.

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It feels like I'm at an annoying level of needy whininess right now, but I also don't have the best self esteem, so that's probably why.

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This is even better.

It has a underlying bitterness but it is presented neatly in a veiled cryptic rhythm that Elph pointed out. You could be a poet, or a ghost writer if you wanted to. Assuming that you consider writing a hobby and nothing more.

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Thank you for the compliment.

They're very appreciated (though it took too long for me to write this). I only consider poetry something I do when I really need to get my feelings out and nothing else helps to make me feel better. Being direct to myself with my feelings really helps a lot, and so does re-reading my poems. So it isn't really a hobby, but something I have to do to stay sane.